6 Health Benefits Of Regular Massage

Regular massage sessions are soothing and relaxing experiences that have both mental and physical benefits for an individual. It is a type of physical therapy that has been known since ancient times, when only the wealthy people and the aristocracy were able to afford regular massage as part of their daily routine. Nowadays, massage is for everybody, its health benefits are well-known, and have been confirmed through numerous medical research studies.

6 Health Benefits Of Regular Massage

Here are six health benefits of regular massage and their positive impact on your emotional and physical wellness.

Regular Massage Stimulates Local Blood Circulation

Some regions of your body may not benefit from a sufficient blood supply for a variety of reasons. They are either located in the extremities of your body or the small blood vessels are incapable of delivering enough oxygen and nutrient ingredients to the "starving" cells due to a lack of regular exercise. Massage is a great way to achieve a precisely targeted stimulation of the local blood circulation in "sensitive" areas, such as the face, the hands, the feet or the small muscles that support the spine. Gentle hand maneuvers executed by a talented masseur result in the stimulation of the local micro-circulation of blood, which improves the metabolism and the function of "vulnerable" body regions.

Massage Therapy is a Great Way to Recover After Exercise

Performing regular exercise routines is an excellent way to preserve your health and develop decent levels of physical fitness, cardiovascular health and a better metabolism. However, after moderate to intense training sessions, your muscles need "repair", adequate recovery is sometimes slow and may take days before the muscle fibers become fully functional again. Massage is a well-known method to accelerate recovery in the intensely exhausted muscle fibers and stimulate their "nutrition" through a better blood flow.

Muscle Tension Accumulated Daily Can be Relieved Through a Healthy Massage Session

After a tiring day at work, some of the muscles may become tense due to stress, anxiety and chronic fatigue. This muscle tension is a response of your body to a variety of stress factors, which are especially intense in the urban environment. Tense muscles create a sensation of fatigue, panic and decrease one's ability to relax. A skilled masseur is able to relieve the tension accumulated in the muscles, stretch and relax them through a gently applied massage session.

Regular Massage is a Great Remedy for Anxiety and Stress Relief

Some individuals have the capacity to handle stress better than others. If enough stress is accumulated throughout a typical week at work, one may suffer from chronic anxiety, sleep problems, become restless and agitated. Doctors may prescribe sedative remedies in such cases, but massage is another great alternative treatment, which, unlike chemically produced medication, has no side effects. A session of massage diminishes anxiety levels and induces a natural and gradual state of calmness.

Removal of Toxins is a Process Activated During Massage Therapy

Some areas of the human body continuously function, even as we sleep. The heart, the lungs, and the brain function without breaks, and it means that their metabolism results in the accumulation of metabolic waste products and toxins in cells. Normally, the liver and the kidneys are able to successfully remove the toxins. However, some body regions and small muscles may accumulate these toxins in great amounts, and the insufficient blood flow does not eliminate them completely. By mobilizing particular muscles, ligaments and joints through gentle massage, a masseur is able to stimulate the local metabolism, which results in the removal of the toxins that may be deposited in certain regions that do not receive enough blood circulation.

Regular Massage Induces a State of Emotional and Physical Wellness and "Freshness"

When the accumulated muscle tension, anxiety, apprehension and restlessness become unbearable and one needs a relaxing emotional restart, there is no better remedy than a gently implemented massage session performed by a talented masseur. It is perhaps the best way to feel fresh, rejuvenated, stimulate cellular regeneration and target muscle fibers and ligaments that were long "forgotten" and not activated during daily routines. It is especially true for the small muscles that support the back, which are weakly developed in numerous individuals and may result in poor posture, vertebral misalignment and recurring back pain. Regular massage is a great way to mobilize these small but essential body areas that will support an easier physical and mental functioning and make one feel "fresh" and rejuvenated.
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