Get Rid Your Body Of Unwanted Pain With Therapeutic Massages

Have you been feeling a little stressed lately? Maybe last year was tough and you are looking to stay more relaxed for the rest of 2017. Or maybe stress isn’t your number one concern but you are feeling aches and pain in your body that you just can’t shake off. You’ve tried resting a bit more, and maybe stretching a few times a day but there is just something missing. What if I told you that in just one hour you could rid your body of every discomfort! Yes, it’s true, 60 minutes max is all you need and it is closer than you think!

Therapeutic Massages

Massage therapy is one of the most beneficial ways to enhance a person’s health and well-being. Depending on your needs there are plenty of different types of therapies to pinpoint your pain and get rid of it. Not only will it alleviate aches in your body but it can relieve stress, chronic injuries, anxiety and promote your overall health.

Let’s take a look at the types of massage therapies that are out there.

● Relaxation Massage
● Rehabilitative Massage
Relaxation massages are the more common of the two when one thinks about massage therapy. It includes a setting such as a spa, resort or care centers and uses Swedish massage techniques. These techniques include using gliding smooth strokes to help the person to relax. Usually in this type of therapy, the masseuse focuses on light pressurized motions instead of going deep into muscle tissues to work out knots. The reason for this is because deep tissue massages can be somewhat uncomfortable and which would contradict the very name of the therapy itself.

Many times the therapist will do such a great job that you may even fall asleep! It can be very helpful to your body to relax and drift away for up to an hour. It’s also usually a good idea to mentally prepare for the message so your body is in a state of meditation when you enter. Read a book before or take a long hot shower. And when you do arrive, try keeping the talking to a minimum because you want your mind to be as inactive as possible.

The second type of massage is rehabilitative. This type of therapy is more ideal for the medical or clinical uses of the practice that can isolate a pain or ache in your body and work it out. It is usually practiced in hospitals, clinics and chiropractic offices around the world. If you experience any sort of back pain, sprains, tendinitis or other conditions rehabilitation massage therapy can greatly improve your health. It reduces the tension in your muscles, improves circulation, enhances relaxation and will increase the overall quality of life.

Therapeutic Massages

A few things rehabilitation therapy can cover are:

● Knee injuries
● Sports injuries
● Diabetes
● Chronic Fatigue-Syndrome
● Back pain
● Arthritis
● Hyperextension
● Discomfort during pregnancy
● Pre and Post surgery

The deeper pressure applied to your body with this type of therapy is key to releasing any chronic pain in muscle tension. It focuses on the deepest layer of your muscle fibers, tendons and the fascia. Furthermore this type of service can also decrease your blood pressure immensely. In turn it will lower stress, boost your mood and keep you relaxed as you take on all of your daily activities.

Now let’s dive a little bit into the specific types of massage services companies have to offer. Your choice should be based off your personal situation which includes the type of pain, where it is located and how convenient you would like the service to be. Here are just a few of many.
● Foot massage
● Oil massage
● Body Massage
● Outcall/home massage

Foot massages

Have been a health practice that has been going on for thousands of years, and for good reason. Your feet take on the brunt of all of your daily activities. This could be walking running or anything in between. If you think about it, your health really starts from the feet up, so it is important to take care of them. Although foot massages don’t directly cure any illnesses, you will not be disappointed after a thorough session. Your body will be rejuvenated and let you take on the day with new found energy!

Therapeutic Massages

Oil massages

Are an integral part of a relaxing massage. The masseuse will use oil on their hands before working on your body. It allows them to work more smoothly and slide easier during the session. In turn, it will provide the maximum amount of mental and physical relaxation. The right type of oil can also nourish the skin and promote better general health.

Full body massages

Can be a great option for just about anyone, especially those who are new to this type of therapy. Usually a full body massage will include work on your arms, legs, back ,feet, hands, neck head and shoulders. The practitioner may start with smooth broad strokes to relax your muscles as much as possible, then work a little bit deeper to work out some of your pains throughout your body.

Outcall massages

Are great way to take advantages of therapeutic practices at your convenience. It means the therapist will come to you! Instead of going to their office, have them travel to meet you in a variety of locations. This could take place in your home, office, hotel, resort, or anywhere else. Many times outcalls are used for clients with special needs or those who can not travel. Although it may be a little bit more expensive you will be getting the same treatment if not better because you will be in the comfort of your own home or location!

Massage services

Are extremely beneficial for your overall health. It is good to always do a little research before you choose an office or practice to figure out exactly what you may need. Everyone’s body is different, but trust that these professionals can take care of your discomfort. Decide first if you are in need of a relaxing massage or a rehabilitation session. If you're a little stressed out and need something to take off that edge consider the relaxation therapy. If you’ve been having a lot of pain in certain areas the rehabilitation massages can be very helpful. Your final decision is to determine whether or not you need a full body massage or therapy designated to a certain area on your body. Last but not least, relax! Let the pros do the work, and let the pain and aches leave your body while you drift away.

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