How Often Should I Get A Massage?

I am a massage therapist and one of the massage FAQ most of my clients in Singapore ask me whenever I meet them is “How often should I get a massage?” Before I answer them, I do consider several factors which may vary with individual client. Here are some of the factors that I consider and the specific answer:

 How Often Should I Get A Massage?

What is the purpose of the massage?
Is it for relaxation or for treatment? If the massage is for relaxation, then it doesn’t have to be more frequent. It is not a must to be more than once unless you have all the time and the finances for the massage. If it is for a specific treatment, it has to be frequent depending on the state of the specific tissues to be treated.

What is the state of the tissue?
If your tissue is very hard or dense, chronic and long standing, then you will need several massage treatments over few weeks so as to make the progress. If your tissues are inflamed from an injury, then you will require Manual Lymph Drainage rather than massage alone. For such conditions, you will require frequent massages so as to facilitate the elimination of the metabolic wastes from the injured tissues and thus relieve the pain and congestion.

How are you feeling after a series of treatments?
I normally use about 3 treatments as my reference so as to know if I am doing the right thing or not. Even for the chronic issues, the patient should feel some changes. If the situation persists, then I should do the massage more frequent than before so as to improve the situation. However, if there are some improvements, then I will keep reducing the number of times per week.

For the case of a massage for treating chronic conditions such as the back pains or severe headaches, you will require 1 hour two times a week for about three treatments. Thereafter, you will try once weekly for between three to four weeks. After that, you can reduce to once in two weeks for two treatments. You can then control it beyond this point depending on how you feel.

For relaxation purposes, I would recommend a massage for one hour once in a month unless you want it more often for your own relaxation satisfaction. For those with chronic injuries, I recommend more treatments within a shorter duration so as to help relieve the congestion and the pains in the affected area. After sometime, you should consider switching to deeper and muscular work/exercises for a prolonged period of time.

Responds to massage treatments vary with individuals. There are those who will feel better after the first treatment. For such cases, the frequency of the treatments should be reduced unless you still want to continue for your own satisfaction. However, there are those patients who can extend to the fourth treatment without any improvement. For such cases, the frequency of the massage should be increased and after sometime, they do respond to treatment. Therefore, those going to be massaged for treatment purposes should study their feelings after every massage and report to the therapist so as to be advised on how frequent he/she should be massaged.

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