Pros & Cons On Face Massage

The world of beauty and health never runs short when it comes to products and services. The options may be plenty, but in this article we will focus on facial massage.

A facial massage can be a confusing topic. This is because some people think it’s the best thing in the world, while some people think it’s simply a waste of time and money. Let me be the first to say that this article does not intend to take sides. Rather, this article is aimed at giving you the pros and cons of facial massage. It is up to you to decide if it’s the right thing for you.


Quick Overview

Your face is full of pleasure points and nerves. This can be both a good or bad thing. For one, pampering the facial skin and muscles can be very relaxing and stimulating. On the other hand, you may cause damage to the skin and may hurt your facial appearance.

For quick facial massages, it’s safe to do it on your own; just as long you know what you are doing. If you want a longer massage, like 30 minutes to an hour, you may want to hire the services of a professional. Also, make sure that he or she knows what she is doing.

Advantages of Facial Massage

* Biter Mood -

Since the face has high amounts of nerve endings and pleasure points, a good facial massage can be a soothing experience; which can lead to the reduction of negative moods and anxiety levels. In terms of psychological effects, study shows that a good facial massage can help in lowering the cortisol levels, a stress hormone that you would want to minimize.

* Wrinkle Prevention -

stress can lead to the build-up of tension in the facial muscles. As a result, lines and furrow may start appearing in the ears of the lips and browse sooner than that you might expect. A gentle massage on the face can help in releasing the tensions and tightness in the skin and muscles of your face. As a result, it can help in delaying the visible appearance of furrows and lines. Beauticians are also quick to suggest that a facial massage paired with a good hydrating moisturizer can help with the dryness and may even help in remove some of the facial wrinkles.

Face Massage

* Curb Congestion -

the nasal and sinus cavity is often subject to congestion. A good facial massage can help eliminate these congestions. When mucus starts to building into the sinus and nasal cavity, it may lead to headaches, puffiness, pressure and difficulty of breathing through the nose. A gentle massage can help in the mobilizing mucus and improving drainage, which will lead to congestion relief. For best results, you can do steam inhalation before the facial massage. If the congestion does no improve after steam inhalation and facial massage, you might want to consult with a doctor as you may be experiencing a more serious condition, like an infection.

* Detox -

your face has a lot of lymphatic vessels, especially in the areas of the jaw line and chin. These lymphatic vessels contain lymph, which is a clear fluid. The lymphatic system's job is to transport toxins from the body, into the lymph nodes for filtering and finally dumped into the blood stream so the body can eliminate it from your system. What makes lymphatic system different is that doesn’t have a heart or muscles to keep the lymph fluid moving. It needs muscle movement to move things along. In this case, a good massage can help move the process. A good facial massage can help facilitate the movement of the lymph fluid. Ultimately, a facial massage can help in the detoxifying of your body.

Disadvantage of Facial Massage

Right off the bat, this article is going to state that there are only a few disadvantages of facial massage. A massage is proven to be good for you as it can increase blood circulation and it’s a relaxing activity. However, there are a few things that you need to know about facial massage before you jump into it.

* Lack Of Knowledge -

one downside of facial massage is the lack of knowledge. It may be that you lack the proper knowledge when it comes massaging your face. Or, the "professional" that is massaging your face is not yet experienced in facial massage. This can be potentially dangerous as it can do more harm than good. As mentioned before, the skin and muscles in the face are much more sensitive. If the facial massage is too strong, especially when there is a lot of stretching being done, this could place a lot of stress to the muscles and skin. Ultimately, this could lead to the early appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Pros & Cons Massage

* Lack Of Skill -

another downside is the lack of skill. A professional may be experienced in massaging the body, but the face is entirely a different story. Expertise in body massage does not equate to expertise in facial massage. There are certain areas in the face that must be massaged with firmness, while other areas are massaged with gentleness. If there is professional does not have the adequate skill and/or technique in massaging your face, then there is a possibility that it may also lead to the early onset of fine lines and wrinkles.

* It's A Waste -

there are a lot of people that believe that facial massages are simply a waste of money and effort. This is because the face is just a small part of the body. Ultimately, it all boils down to efficiency - meaning, you would rather spend your efforts on other parts of the body that will result to greater impact in terms of health and wellness.

* Costs Money -

if you really want to avoid the dangers of facial massage, then you might want a skilled and experienced professional do the job. On the downside, there are only a few professional who specializes in facial massages. Since there are only a few in Singapore, the prices tend to be expensive. If you are willing to pay for such kind of services, some would say that you better spend your money on something that has more impact.

The face has a lot of nerve endings and pleasure points, a good facial massage can bring a lot of advantages such as better mood, wrinkle prevention, and curb congestion and detox. On the other hand, some would say that facial massage it’s not worth it. The naysayers often claim that facial massage is dangerous because it may damage your facial skin and muscles due to lack of skill and knowledge. Also, it's an efficient way of spending your efforts and money.

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