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I was introduced to by my colleague. My husband and i called for  traditional outcall massage to our home. The masseurs arrived on time and they are very professional. We signed a monthly package with them and we are very happy with their service.
Rachael Tan (Bishan)
Singapore Massage Service Your one stop solution for all types Outcall Massage & Home Massage Service in Singapore

Your one stop solution for Outcall Massage & Home Massage Service in Singapore

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The Danger of Selecting an Unreliable  Outcall Massage & Home Massage Company
 In order for you to get a high quality massage, you might need to visit a business where this is offered. However, there are a number of reasons why this might not always be a good idea. If you are the very busy kind, for instance, it sometimes makes sense for the massage service to come to you rather than you going to them. This is why the concept of outcall massage was developed. Companies that offer this kind of service will come and offer a home massage service depending on where you are, making it much easier for you to conveniently get such services.

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Why you should not get low quality home massage services

There are many companies that claim to offer home massage services, but not all of them are trustworthy. When you are interested in them, it is therefore essential that you try and find companies you can trust to provide the services. If you end up with a low quality one, there are a few issues you are likely to have to contend with. One of these is the fact that you may get a poorly done massage, in which case it’s not going to relax you in any way. In essence, you will have paid for a service that

In addition to that, getting low quality massage services is also likely to result in less convenience. Most of the companies that offer high quality home massage services try to do so in such a manner that it’s as convenient as possible. For instance, they will do as much as they can to ensure that they get to the customer’s premises on time. This is something that you are likely to miss if you get low quality services, and which in turn means that you may have to contend with inconvenience.

What kind of services can you get?

Companies that offer outcall services such as http://www.massageservices.
tend to offer a large variety of services for people who need them. Some of the most popular of such services include:

· Foot massage: foot massages are forms of massage that have numerous benefits on one’s body. For one, they enhance the health of the feet, since the process of getting a foot massage might also involve doing some exfoliation and scrubbing. In addition to that, they might also oil the fee to make them smooth and supple. If you are keen on having your feet look and feel good, it would be a good idea to get such services on a regular basis. Most of such massages don’t take a lot of time, and this means that you can get it done even when you don’t have much time.

· Oil massage: an oil massage is a massage just like any other, only that it involves the use of special type of oil in providing the massage. The oils used are usually designed in such a manner that they not only relax the tissues, but also leave one feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

· Deep tissue massage: you can also get a deep tissue massage, which is designed to make tissues suppler and to reduce the amount of tension that one is feeling. This is one of the best forms of massage you can get when you are interested in getting rid of stress.

How to ensure that the services benefit you

When you are interested in getting a home massage, there are a few things you can do to make sure that they work for you. One of the most important of these is to do the booking in advance. If you are interested in getting the service from a popular company, you would need to do the booking in advance. This is because the demand for services from such companies is normally very high, and booking in advance ensures that you don’t have to compete with other people in getting the service.

In summary, home massage is a service that you should be very interested in getting. It’s one way of refreshing and rejuvenating yourself without having to go through the inconvenience of going to a spa or gym. In addition to that, the fact that it will be done in familiar surroundings means that you are likely to be more comfortable.
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The Importance of Choosing a Trusted Outcall Massage & Home Massage Company

The Importance Of Choosing A Trusted Outcall Massage & Home Massage Company

1. We will employ only licensed and trained professionals who have the experience and expertise in the various massage techniques. Their awesome team of massage therapists is trained in a professional setting. Hence they will help you relieve stress, alleviate tension, improve circulation, remove pain and loosen taut muscles better than most. Remember a well trained massaging therapist know which modalities and treatments are safe for you. They will also educate and inform clients on ways to decrease stress and tension. As they cherry pick their massage therapists they will offer only the best. They are also energetic and dedicated professionals who will always present themselves in polished manner.

2. Their services are also practically unmatched in nature. Nothing can come close to the wide array of unmatched services that they render. In addition to this they also have services that cater to every kind of budget.

3. The prices charged by them for home call massage services are unbelievably reasonable and affordable for everyone. Besides this they also offer a range of payment options to suit your individual needs and requirements. 

4. They offer all types of outcall massage and home massage services. It is indeed a one stop solution for all your massage requirements. They also offer foot massage and oil massage which assures an overall sense of well-being.

5. They will also enquire your health history and the current conditions for which you are receiving treatment. They will then tailor your session at home to ensure a safe and positive experience. You can freely communicate your needs and they will accordingly adjust the massage pressure to suit your individual preferences also. You can feel safe knowing that you are in the safe hands.

6. With a distinguished mark of professionalism they provide unique, exclusive and innovative massage services in the comfort and convenience of your homes.

7. They also offer flexible packages to help you enjoy and experience the goodness of all kinds of massage. Yes, they offer a wide range of massage and body work services

8. With healing and nurturing at its core they are also committed to providing exceptional customer service. They always aim at providing a relaxing and personal experience.

9. Most of all they take pride in their profession and hence act at all times with professional integrity. You can trust their massage therapists who will build a lasting therapeutic relationship with you.

10. Their dependable therapists arrive on time and aim to establish a customized quality massage to suit your specific needs. They will bring the essentials of a spa experience right into your home.


Place your trust and your body is in the loving hands of a trained professional home call massage therapist. With their mobile massage services they will surely make your look and feel fabulous. A trusted home call massage company in Singapore brings the luxury of a spa massage to the client in the comfort of his home. In short they help you to rediscover your body as a whole.



Singapore Leading Outcall Massage & Home Massage Specialists

Singapore Leading Outcall Massage & Home Massage Specialists

Why Choose Us As Your Outcall Massage & Home Massage Company?

With the market for massage business booming in Singapore, has choose to set up mobile operation in order to meet the demand of our busy customers who would prefer to have someone come to their offices or homes than driving across town. We have stayed in the Singapore market for long where we have gained a lot of experience in this field. Therefore, the quality of services which we offer to our clients is of high standards. 

This is evident by reviews which are made by our past clients about our service on our company website. Why should you choose as your mobile massage company in Singapore?

Why Choose Us As Your Outcall Massage & Home Massage Company?

There are several reasons that have made our mobile massage company the best in the Singapore market as illustrated below:

We have proper credential
The Singapore government requires message therapists to meet a certain level of standards in order to be licensed. Our mobile massage company has met the rules and regulations required by the government in order to acquire out-call or off premise permits. These credentials prove that our services have met the standards that are required by the government.

We have right equipment
In order to offer quality services to our clients, we have ensured that we have the necessary equipment that are required to offer services as a mobile massage therapist. We have gears that travel easily. This include a mobile massage table with a face rest and luggage cart to transport it, different portable massage chair to offer different types of massages that our clients want. Also we ensure we have fresh pillows and sheets for each client, ample supply of lotions and oils and a time watch to keep track of the time. In order to create a relaxing atmosphere for our clients, we do not leave behind our portable music player. In addition we have to carry our appointment book, client health questionnaires and business cards to serve you better.

Experienced and qualified massage therapist
In every professional, experience plays a major role in order to provide quality services. Our company ensures that we have only employed therapist who are experienced and also the ones who have undergoes many years of training to master this art. While it is perfectly acceptable to be a generalist, we prefer our massage therapists to specialize in a specific area. For example our team of therapist, is made of massage therapist who have specialized on sports, senior citizen, maternity/ infant corporate and celebrity massage. They have also specialized in different massage techniques to meet our growing customer demands.

We have a positive reputation in the Singapore market
We have market our services for long in different advertisement platforms. This includes online marketing where we have created a website that offers online booking. We have approached different companies whom we are providing on-site massages to their employees. There are also many hotels that sending referrals to us. Due to quality services which we offer, they recommend others to seek for our services.

We have excellent customer service skills
In order to have positive reputation, our teams of therapists have excellent customer service skills and they are willing to accommodate our clients to ensure that they have a good massage experience. This includes excellent interpersonal skills and they can create a rapport with our clients that help to put them at ease during treatment. They are capable to answer questions and explain exactly what they are going to do during a massage

They also have sense of empathy and they try to use their massage techniques to improve our clients’ well-being. They also focus solely on our clients and tune all other distractions during a massage. Therefore, they are committed to ensure that all our clients have enjoyed our services.

We charge reasonable price for our mobile massage services
The prices that we charge for different mobile massage services that we offer to our clients are affordable. We ensure that we offer affordable quality services to ensure people of different background enjoy our services.

Feel free to contact us on 9877 4437 and we will arrive in your premise within the shortest time possible. We provide our professional outcall massage services throughout the week from . You can also visit our website for more information. 

We are specialists in Oil Massage, Foot Massage, Outcall Massage & Home Massage Service

We are specialists in Oil Massage, Foot Massage, Outcall Massage & Home Massage Service

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