10 Surprising Benefits of Foot Massage

There are so many ways that you can choose to improve your body functions and health at large. Foot massages are one of the ways. As often as you can in a day, take some time out to work on your feet and give them that pampering that they deserve. Your feet always carry you around throughout the day. Therefore, you need to take better care of them. There are so many incredible advantages of foot massage. Some of these benefits are discussed below.

Foot Massage

1. Improved blood circulation

Proper blood circulation is imperative for every part of your body. This is one of the primary benefits of any massage. Because of it, every part will be able to receive nutrients that are essential as well as enjoy better health. After long walks in restrictive shoes, you can leave your feet feeling numb or tingly. To get rid of it, once you remove the footwear, gently massage your feet. You can also do it on specific days in a week. Doing so helps to combat varicose vein conditions.

2. Relaxation

One of the most famous ways to help the body relax is by massaging it. Relaxation benefits are for all types of massages that we have. So many people focus on other parts of the body and especially shoulders and the neck. However, foot massage proves to be equally effective in relieving stress and help you to relax. Studies show that only ten minutes of this practice can help people suffering from dementia to achieve low levels of anxiety. Other than this, rubbing your feet will also bring you excellent emotional comfort. It is a unique emotional coping exercise.

3. It is a pain reliever

So many times you may end up with swollen and aching feet at the end of the day. Never go for painkillers because a foot rub can handle the problem excellently. But above this is the ability of this exercise to get rid of other body pains.

Studies show that patients that have undergone operations especially women who delivered through C-section benefited a lot from this massage. The pain relieving property of foot massage is excellent and highly recommended.

4. Helps with symptoms associated with menopause and PMS

Until you have experienced any of the two, you will never know how having this tip will change and improve your life. PMS and menopause symptoms are very uncomfortable and frustrating. This natural remedy will go a very long way.

Foot Massage

On your inner foot, there is the grandfather-grandson point. This is the place where your big toe joins to the foot. Massage this place for a few minutes. Use some warm massage oil and apply firm pressure steadily. This location is referred to as an acupressure point. In a few minutes, you will get relief.

5. Helps with cancer, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis symptoms
This advantage is by far the greatest of them all and an excellent discovery for people suffering from these three. When diabetes mellitus gets complicated, it leads to foot ulcers. The ulcers can be relieved by massaging the feet. Foot massage has also been conducted on cancer patients as a study case, and excellent results were attained. Patients, especially those who have breast cancer had tremendousresults. A lot of symptoms were relieved. Reflexology goes a long way for such patients and has to be done by professionals.

6. It is a remedy for chronic sinus infections

Sinus infections are characterized by an inflammation of the sinuses and congestion. The infection gives you a tough time when breathing and causes headaches among other problems. Studies were conducted on several volunteers. The volunteers were adults, and they-they had reflexology for about two weeks. The improvement at the end of the study was tremendous.

7. Helps to alleviate headaches and migraines

Migraines are the worst condition that a person can have. It brings down the quality of life of an individual as well as their productivity. During reflexology, several acupressure regions can be tackled to help relieve migraines and headaches.

Studies were conducted on around 220 patients who went for reflexology for six months. Within three months, there were significant improvements to their health for over 80% of the subjects. There was also a group of almost 20% of the subjects that were using medications to control the problem. In those three months, they eliminated the need for medication.

8. Lowers blood pressure

There are some studies that show reflexology dramatically improves the symptoms of hypertension and lowers the need for high dosages of medication. Typically, hypertension causes heart attacks, failure of the kidneys, and stroke when it is not adequately managed. However, studies show that patients that underwent reflexology improved their conditions. The systolic blood pressure was improved as well as the levels of triglycerides in the blood.

Foot Massage

9. Helps to deal with edema

Edema is a severe health condition that affects pregnant women. It is most common in the third trimester of pregnancy. The situation is characterized by feet that are swollen as well as the ankles. The reason is that there is fluid retention in the body.

During the foot massage, start with the toes as you go back to the ankles. By doing so, you are encouraging the liquid to flow towards the kidneys. These organs will then cause the elimination of the fluid.

10. It gives you a good night rest

If you are having any problem falling asleep at night, a foot massage will do the trick for you. For you to have an excellent rest, your body needs to be relaxed as well as your mind. Because of this massage, you will experience these two whether you were anxious or depressed. Your mood will be enhanced, and your body relaxed. You will fall asleep like a baby and wake up feeling well rested and ready for the day. Take a warm shower before bed and massage your feet to activate the magic.

These are some of the few marvelous benefits of feet massage. For situations that you can handle by yourself, do so. But for some others like during pregnancy or when suffering from specific conditions, get a professional. With feet rubbing, your life can never be the same. Your health will be improved as well as your quality of life.

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