6 Ways How Massage Can Improve Your Health

Once in a while, showing up at a massage parlour won’t do any harm. You definitely need some regular massage to enhance your blood circulation and improve your general health.

Massage Health Benefits

According to research, people who receive regular massages have a better health than those who don’t. Just like working out, this is something you need to include in your schedule.

Now, what are the benefits of massage? Check this out.

1. It relieves muscle pain

Have you ever participated in a strenuous activity after a long period of in-activeness? What you feel afterward can make you swear not to do it again. However, being active has benefits to your body and you can’t just ignore it.

How do you ease the pain in your muscles after exercise? Massage helps a great deal. This is what keeps athletes and other players going.

It’s not just about exercise. Muscle cramps can also originate from an injury, sickness, fatigue, stress, and others. Getting the painful muscles massaged can provide a quick relief.

2. It improves blood circulation

Poor blood circulation may cause lots of complications in the body. Blood carries oxygen to supply it in the whole body. It also carries carbon IV oxide to the lungs for exhalation.

What happens when blood circulation is not effective? Some organs may fail due to lack of sufficient oxygen and accumulation of excess carbon IV oxide. When organs fail, the condition becomes critical and death may result.

Massage ensures that your blood vessels are effectively transporting blood to your body parts. All cells and tissues will gain access to oxygen and hence there will be no muscle fatigue. Massage basically opens the way for blood to flow smoothly.

3. It eases insomnia

Have you ever massaged a baby after a warm bath and observed their behaviour afterwards? In most cases, the baby sleeps immediately after the massage or even during massaging.

This is the same case for adults. There’s a way your sleep quality improves greatly. During massage, serotonin levels are increased in your blood. This can help elevate you mood, relieve stress, and cause a calming effect. This is all you need to get a good night’s sleep.

Instead of struggling to sleep and staying up all night, why don’t you get yourself a massage? Coupled with a weighted blanket, you will sleep like a newborn baby.

4. It boosts immunity

The body’s immunity depends on many things. This ranges from the food you eat, your sleeping habit, and general lifestyle. Stress and anxiety tends to lower the immunity of the body. Generally, the body doesn’t function normally when you are stressed. This is why massage is important.

Massage relieves stress, anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, muscle pain, fatigue, and many more. Once your body is calm and relaxed, it is able to function better without straining. This makes your immune system strong and stable. No wonder people who get regular massages stay healthy for long. Those who don’t can easily fall sick.

5. Promotes faster healing in soft tissues

If you’ve ever spotted a blood clot through your skin, then you know what a soft tissue injury is. It’s simply an injury of muscles right underneath the skin without necessarily having an open cut. It is caused by intense pressure suddenly applied on the tissue.

Massage Health Benefits

Now, how do you heal from this faster?

Well, there are creams you can apply. However, massaging the affected area can cause a quicker healing compared to the creams. In addition, massaging helps to exert pressure on the blood clot. This helps in distributing it and creating room for new tissues to grow.

6. It enhances mobility of joints

As a person grows older, the muscle activity reduces, causing stiffness. This can make it difficult for a person to move around comfortably. Also, arthritis makes joints inflamed and stiff. Massage is a very effective therapy for such problems.

People suffering from these conditions usually have regular appointments to the physiotherapist. Getting a massage before this befalls you can help prevent it. A smooth blood circulation is able to prevent muscle and joint inflammation. It also eases muscle stiffness.

People who engage in athletics and other sports usually go for regular massages for their joints to work effectively. This is a good way to keep your health in check and prevent possible issues.


Massage is very beneficial to the health. The truth is that getting a regular massage can actually reduce your visits to the doctor. There are awesome massage parlours in Singapore where you can relax your body and mind. Therapeutic massages are also available.

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