7 Mistakes To Avoid For Baby Massage

One of the best ways to soothe and calm a baby is to massage them so that their little bodies can relax. Most people ignore the importance of baby massage, and they wrongly assume that massages are just for adults who want to spoil themselves. Well, even though your baby is tiny and doesn't engage in a lot of physical activities, they get tired of sleeping on one position, and their limbs and muscles need to be massaged so that they don't feel the pain associated with numbness.

7 Mistakes To Avoid For Baby Massage

There are other benefits of massaging your little one, such as:

*It relieves a gassy stomach: Doing gentle massages help in eliminating gas and constipation in children. So, if your baby is always crying because of gas, this is one of the natural ways to soothe them.
*Helps in development of muscles: A baby's muscles are still very underdeveloped, so massages stimulate these muscles so that they can function well as the baby grows.
* Soothes babies when they are cranky: Let's admit it; sometimes babies just get cranky and cry to get attention. If your baby is always cranky, then you should try massages to relax them.
*Makes them sleep better: Do you always struggle to put your baby to bed? If the answer is yes, then massaging can be a good solution to your baby's sleep problems.

As much as there are many benefits of doing a baby massage, most parents do not know the right way to go about this. When they try, they always end up doing more harm than good to the baby. Some of the mistakes you should avoid when giving your baby a massage include:

1. Using too much pressure on the baby:

When massaging the baby, always bear in mind that their bodies have not fully developed and cannot take a lot of pressure. You should always be gentle because the baby is supposed to enjoy the massage and not feel pain. If your baby is crying and showing signs of discomfort, then you are probably using too much pressure on them. As a rule, the massage should be very gentle. Make circular motions on different points of the body, using the insides of your hands so that you do not scar the baby with your nails.

2. Using strong oils:

The baby's skin is very sensitive, so you should never use harsh essential oils that are used in adult massages. Some oils like peppermint, lavender and others may be too strong for your baby's skin and nose to handle. They can also irritate the eyes and make your baby very uncomfortable. If you cannot buy baby massage oils, it is better to use baby oil and other mild oils that cannot affect your baby's health.

3. Holding the baby while doing the massage:

Always put the baby on a flat place when you are doing the massage to avoid them falling down. If you hold them in your hands, they may slip and fall because your hands and their body will get slippery from the oil. There have been several cases where a baby who was being held during a massage slipped and fell, resulting into injuries. So, it is safer to do a baby massage with the baby lying on a rag that has been placed on the ground.

7 Mistakes To Avoid For Baby Massage

4. Massaging immediately after the baby has been fed:

The timing of the massage is very important. Do not massage the baby immediately after they have been fed. This is because a massage causes the muscles to relax, including the stomach muscles. If this happens, the baby might vomit and even choke during the massage. Try and schedule the massage a few hours after feeding.

5. Not washing the baby immediately after the massage:

You have to wash the baby with warm water and soap immediately after the massage. Remember that oil makes the baby's skin very slippery. So, if you leave them with all that oil slithered on their bodies, they may slip and fall as they try to move about. This may even be fatal, especially if they slide and fall so hard on the floor. You can prevent this from happening by simply washing the baby and drying them immediately after the massage.

6. Multi-tasking during the massage session:

Do not think that massaging a baby is a simple activity that you can do while you are watching television or engaging in other activities. You may end up scratching the baby, poking their eyes, or spilling oil all over the place. Dedicate your time to doing the massages, and consider it not only a way to soothe the baby - you should also use the opportunity to bond with the baby. Look them in the eye, smile with them and let them know that you are enjoying the times you are spending together. Do not under estimate your child; they can read your mood and know when you are enjoying yourself. Make the massages a bonding experience for the two of you.

7. Not respecting what the baby wants:

You may really want to massage your baby and make them relax, but sadly, sometimes the baby just wants you to stop! When you start doing the baby massage, and you realize that your baby is not in the mood for a massage, then simply stop and schedule it for another day. If you proceed to do the massage against their will, then you will end up with a crying baby, and it will be very frustrating.

Basically, a massage is supposed to be relaxing, soothing and comfortable. If your baby is crying or showing signs of pain, then there is something you are not doing right. If you are not so sure about how to go about it, then you should take your baby to a place that has a professional who offers baby massages so that your baby can get the benefits. Always make sure that your baby is in good health before you schedule a massage. If your baby is sick, you should consult with the doctor first to find out if it is safe for the baby to have a massage.
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