8 Benefits Of Pre/Post Natal Massage

During pregnancy, many women experience discomforts and lots of stress in their bodies at various stages during their pregnancy. With the baby kicking and all the painful cramps experienced, it can be hard for them to have fun and enjoy their motherhood. After birth, the mother is overwhelmed by the pain as well as the new responsibilities of motherhood.

Because of discomfort and related issues, most pregnant women in Singapore are now resulting to prenatal massages (massage therapy during pregnancy) and postnatal (massage therapy after childbirth) for comfort and relaxation. This is because massage therapy during and after pregnancy is an amazing complementary choice for both prenatal and postnatal care. It’s a great way to reduce pregnancy stress and promote overall wellness.

Massage relieves majority of the normal pregnancy discomforts such as backaches, headaches, leg cramps, stiff neck, and edema (swelling). It’s mostly recommended after the second trimester.


The benefits of massage therapy for pregnant women include:

1. Relaxation and Stress Reduction

• During pregnancy, the hormone levels associated with relaxation and stress are usually imbalanced. This is why most pregnant women are often moody and stressed at times. When massage therapy is introduced, the hormone levels are altered, leading to mood regulation as well as improved cardiovascular health.

• In general, massage during and after pregnancy relaxes muscles, lowers, stress hormones and increases circulation, bringing about relaxation and stress relief.

2. Alleviates Musculoskeletal Pains

• Painful cramps during pregnancy are common and can be troublesome if not dealt with appropriately. Sciatic nerve pain is usually experienced by most women in their third semester as the uterus tends to rest on the muscles of the pelvic floor and the lower back. Also, a woman experiences excruciating pain after birth- this pain can last for weeks.

• While medication can help relieve the pain in the short-term, massage is considered as an effective holistic approach that works to release tension on the muscles and relieve pain without the use of medication. In cases where the pain is severe of chronic, multiple sessions may be required.

3. Stress Relief on Weight-bearing Joints

• It’s common to hear pregnant women complaining of pain on their leg joints, lower back, as well as the pelvis. This pain is usually as a result of immense pressure (muscle tension) exerted on the weight-bearing joints such as the knees, elbows, ankles, lower back, pelvis, as well as the neck.

• In some cases, joint pain can be caused by fluid retention or swelling.
• As a massage therapist works on the joints, the tensed muscles on the joints loosen up (become relaxed). Swelling is also reduced as massage increases blood and lymph circulation.

PostNatal Masasge

4. Beats Insomnia

• The stress, pain, and strain that a woman experiences during pregnancy robs her of her ability to have a good night’s sleep. Most women complain of lack of sleep during and after pregnancy. Fortunately, this is a problem that is easily solved by massage.

• Pregnancy massage relieves most of the stress, muscle tension, and strain that pregnancy causes to a woman’s body.

• The majority of women who have undergone pre/postnatal massage report falling asleep much more easily than before and staying asleep for longer periods. Also, they report having fewer headaches and pains and are also able to get up from a sitting or lying position with much ease.

5. Reduces Anxiety and Depression

According to various studies, about 2/3 of pregnant women and new moms experience a lot of anxiety and depression induced by hormonal changes, the pressure, the new responsibilities, and frustrations.

• While emotional support can help during this transition, massage is usually considered as the best option as anxiety and depression tend to respond very well to this skilled therapy.

6. Increased Milk Production and Easier Breastfeeding

Due to the new responsibilities and possible frustrations, most new moms undergo through chronic stress. Stress after birth is a major culprit in milk production reduction.
• Regular postnatal massages not only help maintain healthy levels of milk production, but also make breastfeeding a much easier task. The massage helps relieve breast pain, reduces the amount of sodium in the breast milk, and improves newborn suckling.

• Many studies have shown that massage increases the levels of prolactin, a lactation hormone.

• The postnatal massages are often recommended after about 12 weeks after birth. However, women who have had a C-Section have to wait until the wounds are completely healed to prevent further discomfort.

Pre Natal Massage

7. Improved Blood Circulation and a Strengthened Immune System

• Massage during pregnancy stimulates blood and lymph to flow much more freely throughout the body, therefore increasing the amount of nutrients being delivered to the baby. Likewise, good circulation after birth promotes faster healing and increases milk production.

• Also, with increased circulation, the body is able to flush out the accumulated toxins and cellular waste through the lymphatic system. As a result, the body has an increased ability to fight foreign bodies causing illnesses.

• Improved blood circulation also helps reduce swelling during and after pregnancy.

8. Hastens the Healing Process and Promotes Overall Body Health

Massage therapy after birth helps increase the healing process by increasing essential blood flow to the healing area.

• According to numerous studies, new moms who undertake postnatal massage have better chances of healing their wounds faster than those who do not.

• It also promotes overall well-being both during and after pregnancy as there is reduced pain, stress, depression, mood swings, increased blood flow, prevention of blood pressure, reduced swelling, and better sleep.

Other Health Benefits of Pre/Postnatal Massage Include:

• Better posture
• Blood Pressure Regulation
• Reduced levels of lactic acid
• Emotional support
• Muscle preparation for fewer difficulties during birth
• To help realign the pelvis after birth
• For faster recovery after a cesarean
• Promotes easier breathing
• Decreases chances of premature childbirth
• Reduces complications during birth

Ensure that you check with your birthing expert or doctor before proceeding with either a prenatal or postnatal massage. Also, choose a massage therapist who is certified, properly trained, and highly experienced in the therapy.

You can ask around for good recommendations in Singapore. Remember that a good massage therapist should be able to cater to your specific requirements without being too pushy.

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