Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Traditionally, massage is used to reduce stress. Not only that, it helps in increase the immunity level, circulation and to eliminate toxins. Similarly, fatigue and sleep disorders can be treated with massage. Various types of Massages provides different benefits. Deep tissue massage is something unique and offers great health benefits.

Deep Tissue Massage

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

This is a type of massage that is done by qualified therapists and Orthopedic doctors. It is more like a treatment to the muscles. Muscle layers are stretched by putting sharp pressure on the body surface. This process can improves the posture of the body muscles, thus it helps in over all better health of the person.

Health related Benefits of massage are huge. At the same time, deep tissue massage may not be suitable for all individuals. Have a discussion with your therapist to understand if you can take a deep tissue massage. In order to get the best results, it is advisable to get a deep tissue massage from a well qualified professional.

What is the difference between a deep tissue massage and Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is a regular massage type that utilizes firm to gentle pressure on the body muscles, It won’t affect or impact the deeper parts of the muscles. In Common, Swedish massage is done to provide relaxation to the stressed muscles.

Whereas a Deep tissue massage impacts the deeper tissues, the pressure will be more and deep. Unlike a Swedish massage, a deep tissue massage will help relieve chronic pains, stiff neck and muscle pains.

What to Expect while taking a Deep Tissue Massage?

Since, the primary goal of a deep tissue massage is to reach the deeper muscle, therapist may put more pressure on muscles. Generally, at the beginning of the massage, slight firm pressure is put on the muscles constantly to comfort and relax the muscles. Only when the upper muscle layers are relaxed, the pressure can penetrate to the deeper tissues.

Further, therapist will use the elbow, knuckles or fingers to put increased pressure through the muscle length. This part of the massage involves deep gliding strokes and may cause slight or medium level of pain. But if you feel a discomfort, then inform the therapist about it. Therapist can relax your muscles a little more, thus the pain may lessen while massaging the deeper tissues.

Deep Tissue Massage

Scar tissues or muscle knots can be treated in a deep tissue massage, but when such conditions are there in the body, you should be very careful on who is doing the massage to you. Unprofessional massage can worsen the condition.

Pain Relief:

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on relieving chronic pains in muscles and joints. The pressure is given deeply in to the tissue to realign the deeper layers of muscles. Deep Tissue Massage is carried out on legs, knees, arms, neck, back, and low back. The pressure is put in an intensive manner and constantly, therapist keep continuing the massage to the whole body for a specific time to deliver a perfect relaxation to the body muscles.

This type of Massage helps the deeper tissues to expand and stretch, that way it improves the circulation within the area of massage. Better circulation through the paining area means faster relief.

chronic pains, Stiff neck, shoulders and Stiff back are also reduced and treated with a deep tissue massage, these conditions may occur due to anxiety and stress. There are several other causes which can cause this condition. If you are about to take a deep tissue massage, then consulting your doctor can help take a well informed decision.

Heel pain and front toe pain is a common problem among women. Using high heeled foot wear, walking or standing in a bad posture can cause such pain. Treatments includes external ointment and muscle sprays. But also, Deep tissue massage is a better way to relieve such pains.

Deep Tissue Massage for Sciatica:

Sciatic nerve pain is a common condition among men and women. At times, the pain will be so intense that one could not bear. Among the various treatment methods, deep tissue massage is an effective and well received treatment method.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are a part of the treatment. But to relieve the pain Deep tissue massage is the ideal way. By massaging the muscles, the sciatic nerve’s pressure can be relieved. Periodic massage can help improve the posture of the muscles and offers a long term health benefit.

Who Should not take a Deep Tissue Massage?

Despite the health benefits of massage, there are some risks involved in a deep tissue massage. Since the massage puts more pressure on the muscles, there may be adverse effects on people who have blood clots or scar tissues.

Deep Tissue Massage

Blood clot inside the blood vessels are the worst nightmare one can imagine, if the clot is broke loose by the pressure given during the massage, it may plug any other blood vessel which connects to the lungs or brain. In such scenarios, the results may be life threatening.

Persons who underwent surgery, weakened bone mass issues, underwent chemotherapy or radiation must not take a deep tissue massage.

If you have any such condition, or undergoing treatment, then it is highly suggested that you should consult your doctor before taking a deep tissue massage.

Healthy Habits to avoid bad health:

Historically, muscle pain, stiff neck and shoulders, bad circulation, chronic pain, anxiety, stress and several other minor health effects can be avoided by few precautionary activities. Below are few healthy habits that can help lead a healthy life.

Waking up early in the morning
Simple exercises
Healthy breakfast
Time management
Keeping the body hydrated
Proper sleep time


Deep tissue massage is one of the most effective type of massage, it can heal many diseases and conditions. If you are a healthy person, feels pain due to stress and anxiety, then taking a deep tissue massage will help. At the same time, if you have any condition, or undergoing any kind of treatment, then you should take a massage only after getting the opinion from your doctor. Benefits of massage can temporarily relieve the pain. But healthy lifestyle will protect you from diseases.

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