Body Massage VS Foot Massage

Massage is a simple yet amazing activity that can give tremendous pleasure, joy and relaxation to the person who is getting this experience. But in present time there are several type of massages available there and people get confused in it. They keep wondering about the massage type that they should choose for same. Some recommend other people to go for the full body massage while others suggest you to try only the foot massage for better relaxation. Indeed, this is could be a big confusion and I don’t blame you for same. But there are some basic differences that you can find in both type of massage and you can choose one as per your choice.


Here, I am sharing a simple guide about body massage vs foot massage and you can take your decision accordingly.
Cost: Many time people don’t go for a massage just because they stay in dilemma about the cost of same. I would not say, anything about the cost part nor I can say any fixed cost for same because it may vary depending on your location and other factors. However, one thing is for sure that body massage will be at least double compared to the foot massage. I agree, this cost is not the only factor for this decision but, when I am comparing, then I must compare everything and this cost difference is one of those factors and that is why I shared that here with you.

Area of focus:

As name explains it all, body massage means it covers your entire body. While a foot massage is something that covers only the lower area of your body. Mostly it covers the ankle or area below the knee. But when a person does the body massage, then he does not focus on any particular point, while this is not the case with foot massage. In case of massage to your feet, massager actually focus on some special points and he follow a special method to do the massage.

Strength to body:

While there are so many different effects of foot massage and body massage on body, most of them are almost similar. But some physical effects are different and strength to your body is one of them. When you take the foot massage, then it gives strength only to your feet. Your feet feel stronger and energetic, while rest of your body remain same. But that is not the case with body massage. In that option you get a relaxing experience for your entire body and it gives strength also to your entire body. That is defiantly a measure difference that you can find in both type of massage.

Body Massage

Effect on skin:

This is one more effect on body that can help you take your decision for body massage or foot massage. When you go for the body massage, then it works on your entire body using oil or some other solution. That opens all the pore of your body, it absorbs more oxygen excrete all the harmful waste from it in much better way. As a result of that you can have better, shiny and smooth skin. However, this kind of things are not available with foot massage and you get only
Although I said, a lot of different things about the body massage and other things, but several other things are also there that are almost same with both the options. Here, I am sharing some of those effects as well that you get with body massage and foot massage both.

Better sleep:

If you have a sleeping problem or if you don’t get proper sleep at all, then either of these massage options could help you get really better sleep. Both of the massage options actually give relaxation to your body, it give smoothness to your muscles and that help you get a relaxing and better sleep. Also, foot and body massage make sure you get a sound sleep as well which his essential for a better health.

Improve blood flow:

It does not matter you are taking the help of body massage or foot massage, in ether of the option you get really good blood flow in your body. This improved blood flow helps you control your blood pressure, stress and anxiety. Other than this, it also helps you increase your body metabolism and you feel more energetic in every situation. Needless to say, that is a great advantage that you or any individual can have with massage.

Foot Massage

Fight depression:

You can have depression because of an unknown reason and you may try hard to come out of that feeling. But mostly you end up having failure in that because you do not know what to do and what not to do. However, if you take the help of massage, then you can certainly overcome the depression as well. This is a result that you can get with both the massage option. Whether you choose the body massage or you choose the foot massage, you will be able to overcome your depression in easy ways.

Make you feel healthier:

Another notable similarity between food massage and body massage is that it makes you feel healthier. Your feet massage gives you a relaxation in the entire body and that relaxation along with more blood flow gives you a healthy feeling. You can say the same thing for body massage as well. With this other option also you feel stronger and healthier and that reflect in your action as well.

So if you are still in confusion, then you can check all the things that I shared above with you. On the basis of those things you can take your decision in a smart manner and you can get relaxing experience as well. Also, when you will take an informed decision, then this is certain you will not face any kind of complication as well that you may face if you take a massage option without having proper information or details for same.

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