Can Massage Help In Headache And Constipation?

Massage therapy was at some point a luxury for those who could afford, but today, it is not only a necessity but also an alternative form of therapy for a number of conditions. Normally, you would have to visit a spa, physiotherapist or a massage clinic to get these services. However, now that it has become so popular, you can get a massage from about anywhere including small licensed businesses that specialize in offering massage therapies. With the growing buzz around massages, you may want to know how effective it is in tackling challenges like headaches and constipation among others. To do this, you will need to understand each problem and how massaging can help.

Headache And Constipation?


A headache comes in many forms and with many causes, with the most common ones being migraines and tension. Migraines remain a mystery in their causality, and for some reason they are very common regardless of age and profession. Tension headaches on the other hand come from a number of factors including stress, hormonal changes, muscle spasms, trigger points, dehydration and even wrong neck alignment among others. A tension headache comes with common symptoms like a tightening feeling around the head, neck, shoulders or arms, jaw, temple or sometimes behind the eyes. The difference between these headaches and migraines is that unlike migraines, tension headaches do not come with sensitivity to light, sound or feelings of nausea. They are often just plain and simple and could in some circumstances be paralyzing depending on their intensity and longevity.

Massages are able to relieve this kind of pain, often by interfering with its cause. When you get a professional massage, the circulation in your head is likely to improve thus allowing you to release some of the tension. This is turn will loosen up the tightening feeling around your head and leave you feeling better in no time. Massage therapy also triggers a decrease in the levels of the stress hormone known as Cortisol while at the same time stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system and encouraging the release of endorphins. This means you will reduce stress, and sleep better thus having less headaches and being much happier in general. The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for relaxation and sleeping well among other things.

When you get a good massage, you are also likely to experience some loosening in the usually tight muscles and tissues in your head. This loosening helps to prevent any muscle spasms that would otherwise be painful and cause you severe headaches. The loosening muscles and tissue also help with neck alignment thus eliminating this problem as well. Loosening the muscles here is also useful in preventing the kind of headaches that come from the back of the head and hit the eye’, as many people would describe their headaches.

Trigger points refer to the cause for some of the most painful headaches that come from some hyper-irritable tissues whose pain can go to other parts of the body as well. A special kind of massage for this type of cases is known as the Neuromuscular Therapy, and it can be very useful in decreasing the pain and stopping it from reaching the neck and the head. Most people suffering from migraines have an expensive dependence on pain medication but this is not entirely necessary. While the science behind a migraine is largely mysterious, massage therapy not only reduces the pain, but also decreases the frequency and the longevity of the migraine. A number of studies over the past few years show that people suffering from migraines are likely to feel much better after a massage, and with frequent massage therapy, they will have less and shorter migraines.

Headache And Constipation?

Digestive problems and constipation

When you have a constipation problem, medically speaking you have less than three bowel movements per week and this could be because you are having very slow movement when it comes to digesting food in your system, especially your colon. Ordinarily, constipation is as a result of certain medications, consistent urge suppression and in some cases, bad feeding habits and hormone imbalance among others. Problems with your colon could also cause constipation.

Massage would help you in this situation by enabling the abdominal muscles to relax, thus relieving your pain and discomfort, and in some cases alleviating the constipation by reviving your regular bowel movements. The challenge here is that there are many specific massage therapies for this condition and it is often important to see a professional therapist for these services. Depending on how you are feeling, you will need a specific therapy with a given focus depending on the cause of your problems. Most massage therapists are able to identify the challenge by touching your abdomen and finding where the tension is. The goal is then to encourage relaxation and trigger natural movement for normal bowel movement.

How important is a massage then?

With the many dangers of conventional medicine today, people are frequently resorting to the non-medicinal approaches to relieve pain and other discomforts like the headaches and constipation. This is because such options are often cheaper and natural, thus healthier and acceptable to most people. In addition, when the problem is as a result of medication you cannot risk taking some more medication to counter it, and will require a more natural approach that can sort out the situation.

The most important thing that you will have to appreciate about massages is that they only work when they are done right. When you need to release tension in your muscles, you have to focus on the areas that are highly tense. This is why you have to learn how to do a proper massage depending on the aim behind it. As such, massage therapists are the best option unless you have some training in this particular field. You can also ask your massage therapist for pointers on how to relieve your headache or constipation by yourself seeing as you may not always have the time or strength to get to the massage clinic for your therapy. The key is in doing it right, or getting a qualified professional to touch all the right places to ease your pain.  - Singapore #1 Massage, Outcall Massage, & Home Massage Company. Looking for Massage Services in Singapore? Still Looking For Professional Outcall Massage? Need Professional Massage At The Convenience In Your Home?
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