Can Massage Help In Migrane, Stiff Neck Or Wrist Pain?

Touch is one of the most powerful senses of a human being. Massage is one form of touch which is carried on the body skin, the biggest and most sensitive body organ. Massage involves rubbing with gentle strokes your neck, wrist or head and stimulating the involved muscles. Skin as the sense organ sends tactile stimulation to the brain dulling any pain in the affected area. Through this activity, cure from migraine, neck or wrist pain is achieved. Massage can be administered to young or old people.


In most cases massages carried out by a therapist is more effective as the professional is well trained to treat the pain with the use of massage. The patient may be asked to turn the head or the affected area for the therapist to detect any stiffness or tightness responsible for the pains. Most pains are as a result of bad posture. Massage addresses the problem by working on different muscle groups to treat any shortness or tightness in them. Neck, wrist muscles among other type of muscles function through contraction. Shortened muscle tissues interfere with their movement but a massage session helps to get the muscles moving normally.

Massage for Migraine Relief

Many migraine patients gain natural relief from massage therapy. The debilitating pain is mostly caused by muscular pressure at the skull’s base or in the neck’s upper part. The tension causing pain is released through massage. Most triggers of migraine are reduced by massaging the area around the neck. The neck muscles and joints usually cause migraine but when they get stimulated through massage, the pain is significantly relieved.

Massage of the occipital region help in relieving migraines. Massage therapy is very effective and yet less invasive unlike the surgically implanted electrical impulse technique applied for the same migraine relief effect. One session of massage is enough for migraine relief is some cases but others need several sessions. The success rate is 100 percent in all patients regardless of the amount of massage therapy visits needed.

Body massage helps to improve the general health of your body. It allows enhanced blood circulation which promotes relaxation to even the fittest people.

Massage for Stiff Neck

Waking up with a stiff neck or any other form of neck problem is common among most people. Your neck is very flexible and therefore it can get hurt easily. Sleeping in a straining position causes stiff neck or sitting still on a computer. Conditions such as osteoarthritis may also cause neck stiffness. Massage therapy helps in stiff neck relief through keeping the muscles active and blood flowing. The rubbing involved during massage helps the neck to move normally and the pain to subside. If the pain is as a result of a pinched nerve, massage therapy relaxes the area effectively until the nerve becomes un-pinched.

Massage therapy stimulates the immune system therefore the affected neck region heals faster. Just like in any other part of the body, the neck feels better after relaxation caused by released endorphins.

Massage therapy is very effective in relaxing the affected area, releasing tension and bringing relief. You can do it by using your fingers to rub the neck, wrist or base of the skull in a gentle circular motion. Doing it yourself is good but you should be careful not to rub too aggressively as this could worsen the discomfort / pain. It is there recommended that you use the services of a trained massage therapist so that you will be in the right relaxed state to get maximum relief.


Massage for Wrist Pain

Wrist pain is usually caused by different conditions such as arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tendonitis and bursitis among others. Arthritis is condition usually associated with blood regulation. Massage relieves wrist pain associated with arthritis by promoting blood circulation. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tendonitis and bursitis are all under repetitive strain syndrome meaning that the wrist pain is usually caused by long and repetitive activity such as typing or knitting. Massaging your wrist helps in stimulation of blood flow to relief pain, reduces any swelling or inflammation and increases your grip strength in cases of carpal tunnel syndrome.

The massage treatment duration depends on the severity of the condition. For effectiveness, wrist pain patients are advised to receive one massage session once per week for a period of four weeks. Additionally, the patients are advised to perform self-massage every night before they go to sleep. Besides pain, there are other Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms which are alleviated through massage. The symptoms include numbness, weakness and tingling.

It is true that after successful massage sessions patients go through tinel sign to test the effectiveness of massage therapy. The test involves light tapping of the wrist to see whether the area elicits any pain or other wrist condition symptoms. Visual analogue scale is also used for pain assessment after massage therapy for wrist pain. The tests show reduced pain and improved functional activity. Increased relaxation or lower anxiety is beneficial effects of massage that leave the body feeling healthy and more functional.

The hand is among the most used parts of the body. As a result, parts such as wrists which are used during computer tasks, playing sport and daily chores may suffer tension which causes pain and aches. The tightness can be reversed through massage therapy. Your whole arm and hand will benefit from the massage. It is recommended that the massage by stroking the arm from the wrist and moving up the arm towards the shoulder. Glide gently back downwards, squeeze while rolling the muscles and knead from the shoulder to the wrist. The therapists may use knuckles to create rotary pressure along the whole length of your arm. Deep, rhythmical working may be required for more effectiveness.

Neck, wrists and head may harbor so much tension resulting to chronic or temporary pain. Massage therapy therefore helps in dealing with issues such as migraine, neck pain or wrist pain. Visit to offer excellent massage services that will leave your body fit, healthy and pain free.

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