Differences Between Deep Tissue Massage And Sport Massage

Massage is a practice that has been around for ages and it is a procedure that is considered to be complementary or an alternative to the conventional medical treatment and for relaxation. Massage today is still offered for the same reasons as before but there are new varieties and techniques of massage available and offered by different professional therapists. Various studies have proven that massages effectively reduce pain, stress and muscle tension. There are various styles of massage available and the choice is determined by the kind of experience you need. The two most common types of massages are the deep massage and sports massage. Understanding these two common types of massage will help you understand what best massage type is for you.


Sport Massage

Just like the name suggests this massage is usually targeted to people who are athletes and those who take part in activities that involve high endurance. Sports massage usually targets muscles that are used in a certain sport and different techniques are applied to assist athletes during their training. These massages are usually done prior, during and after the sporting event. This kind of massage is beneficial in terms of helping your body muscles to become more flexible as the stimulation involved in the massage helps in loosening the tension. Secondly, it helps in easing off muscle strains as well as other injuries that are related to the muscles suffered during sporting activities.

This type of massage was developed to help athletes in preventing and also relieving injuries in their bodies. This type of massage can help both athletes and non-athletes to gain psychological and physiological benefits from receiving this massage therapy. This massage therapy helps in preventing and also delaying onset muscle soreness. The delayed soreness usually starts developing 12 to 24 hours after the exercises have been performed. The Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) produces the greatest pain after 24 to 72 hours after your exercise. This massage therapy helps in preventing the delayed onset muscle soreness by encouraging the lymph and blood to flow well throughout the body and preventing fatigue in your muscles.

Regular sport massage helps in reduction of the chances of getting injured through proper event preparation and stretching. It improves your muscle flexibility and motion thereby resulting in improved performance and power. It also shortens the recovery time in between your workouts, enhance the elimination of metabolic exercise by-products and maximize supply of oxygen and nutrients through the increased flow of blood.


Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is great for any person regardless of their age or gender. It is a type of a deep massage that helps in easing the painful and stiff muscles in your body. The therapist in this type of a massage uses slow and gentle strokes that are usually focused on your muscles that are most tense. The pressure applied on your muscle layers, tendons and any other of your deep tissue releases the tension slowly. Deep tissue massage is usually considered to be non-rhythmic but it is definitely very therapeutic. A few sessions of the deep tissue massage effectively heals all the types of body strains and chronic pains on your body.

This type of massage will focus more on releasing tension and stress in your body through a number of therapy techniques that are unique. It constitutes massages that are slower and stronger in order to stimulate deeper in the muscles. This helps in relieving the chronic aches that are mostly felt in concentrated areas like the upper back, neck, lower back and the leg muscles. This massage type is considered to be the most popular and effective massage type that offers the perfect relief that your body needs.

It has several benefits chief among them being the ability to heal and stimulate the body muscles. It is the perfect massage therapy for persons who suffer from particular health conditions as it is very therapeutic. It is perfect for people suffering from fibromyalgia, edema, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic pain and muscle cramping. The pressure applied on a group of muscles helps in stimulation of blood circulation in such areas where there is pain.


Differences between Sport Massage and Deep Tissue Massage

These two massage options are often confused with each other yet they have several distinct differences between them and this section seeks to expound o them. The sport massage is usually carried out by a professional therapist for purposes of preventing muscle strains and common injuries. The professional therapist understands the muscles they are supposed to focus on depending on the kind of physical activity you are involved in. the sport massage therapist will be well versed in techniques to treat the common muscular woes and injuries that affect athletes like shin splints and hamstring strains. They are trained in determining the muscle abnormalities that can cause injuries if left untreated. A deep tissue massage on the other hand works by identifying the weak spots that are on your body but the therapists who offer this massage cannot be able to focus on the muscles that are specifically for sporting activities. The deep tissue massage therapist is experienced and trained in treating strains and stresses on various muscles.

Sport massage is usually dedicated to improving your performance in sports, boosting flexibility, handling potential injuries and injuries. People who seek for deep-tissue massages usually have more reasons for doing so and these may include boosting circulation, relieving stress, reducing the toxins in the body, reducing physical pain and reducing tension. Sport massage is also reserved for serious athletes who usually train a lot most of their days in preparation for a collegiate, professional and high-school-level sport event. These sporting professionals usually use the sport massage as a form of pre-or post game warm-ups in order to reduce the likelihood of getting muscle cramps. Clients for deep-tissue massage tend to be varied and can range from students or even business people. Such clients going for the deep tissue massage do not necessarily have to be preparing to participate in any activity or anticipating injuries.

In conclusion, a sports massage is meant to improve overall performance in sports while a deep massage helps in relieving your body off tension and stress.

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