Finding The Most Relaxing Massage in Singapore

After a tough work week, you should kick your heels back and relax with the help of a soothing massage. There are so many different massage providers in Singapore with a variety of different rates. Here, we’ll tell you what kind of massage you should choose and how much you can expect to spend for your massage therapy in Singapore.

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How To Choose A Massage Therapist

With all the great reviews available online, it should be easy enough for you to choose the massage centre you want to visit in Singapore. Find one that has a great spa attached, especially if you are looking for a specialized therapy like a couples massage. This will let you have a great massage as well as a relaxing after treatment so you can feel radiant and fresh.
While all your massage therapists are bound to be experienced and know what they are doing, feel free to let them know if you find the treatment too abrasive. A good massage therapist will be able to adjust the level of pressure so you can enjoy the type you find most soothing.

Most massage therapists will offer you different massage packages that they can recommend to you based on how you are feeling, or what muscle group you wish to target. Select a massage therapist that has a wide range of options for different ways to relax.

Average Cost Of Massage

Depending on the type of massage you choose, a single massage session can cost anywhere between S$40 to S$300. You can expect to spend a low amount for massages that last just thirty minutes, while anything involving multiple massage techniques can take as long as 75 minutes and obviously cost a whole lot more. The style of massage that you use can also employ one masseuse or two for whole body muscle relaxation.

If you are feeling particularly generous, you can try going in for an all in one spa deal. This includes a massage along with a spa treatment after it so that you can feel calm and peaceful. You may want to tip your masseuse for all the great work after the therapy, so that may cost you a couple of extra dollars.

Types Of Massage

Different types of massages are aimed to relax different muscles in the body. You need a special massage to relax knotted muscles in your neck and shoulders when you are stressed out, a calming massage to relax your head or feet when you just want to be soothed or an indulgent massage when you are chilling with your partner. So here are some different types of massages you should try out in Singapore:

• Deep tissue massage:
A deep tissue massage is meant to relieve muscles that are deeper within the body through various types of techniques including knuckles, hands, elbows, etc. This massage can involve the exertion of some amount of pressure in order to help ease some of the deeper muscles and tissue in the body. The massage may leave you feeling a bit sore but it certainly helps you feel refreshed in a day or two.

Full body Massage

• Hot stone massage:
A hot stone massage should be your choice to improve blood circulation and ease muscle tension. Here, heated stones will be laid over your pressure points and a masseuse massages your body. The whole massage will leave you feeling rejuvenated very quickly, so it should be your choice if you are suffering from aching muscles after too much exertion.

• Swedish massage:
A Swedish massage is a full body massage that involves different massage strokes and various oils being used. The intensity of the Swedish massage can be dictated according to your level of comfort, and it is a good way to ease up any knotted muscles for complete relaxation. Try ordering yours with some aromatic oils thrown in for a very holistic therapeutic experience.

• Shiatsu massage:
Here is a massage that employs the tips and techniques of ancient China and Japan. This massage focuses on using finger pressure on various pressure points of the body to help achieve the perfect balance of body and mind, allowing for smooth flow of qi throughout the body. A great massage for when too much of work has you stressed out and you need to unwind.

• Abhyangam massage:
Try some Indian mysticism with the Abhyangam massage in Singapore. Incorporating the essences of Ayurveda, this massage therapy targets the whole body using special herbal oils. This type of massage targets the nerve endings to offer improved blood circulation, release toxins from the body and promote wellbeing. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking to detox.

• Thai massage:
Here’s a massage that combines Ayurveda, acupressure and yoga postures for holistic body relaxation. With a Thai massage, you can achieve complete relaxation from anything that is inducing worry lines, so you can sail forth with a grin on your face.

• Javanese massage:
A Javanese massage is just what the therapist ordered if you are feeling a lot of muscle stress. Targeting 67 different acupressure points, this massage technique employs a lot of kneading to get you feeling recharged and refreshed.

Full body Massage

• Balinese massage:
If you like the kind of massage that is so relaxing that you fall asleep on the table, then the Balinese massage is for you. This massage technique uses natural oils like ginger to remove cellulite and water retention from the body using firm pressure.

Benefits Of Massage

Even if you do a job that requires you to sit all day, it does not mean that you are not exerting your muscles. Any desk job involves long periods of sitting in the same position, which means that there are muscles groups that are not getting stretched as they should.

A good massage will help you stretch out these muscles and ease the tension that you feel while you work. This will actually refresh you and bring in more positivity, which will lead to more productivity.

The right kind of massage will also boost your blood circulation, removing toxins from your body and countering the harmful effects of anything you may have recently ingested that could cause your body harm. You can find relief through massage for pains in your body that may otherwise be debilitating to your daily life.


Try out a great massage therapy in Singapore that will give you the soothing peace of mind that you are looking for. Through a balance of different techniques and massage oils, your body and mind will feel relaxed, energizing your body for the week ahead.

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