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Do you live and work in Singapore? Are you experiencing stress and tension as you try to make ends meet? Are you interested in the best massage service in Singapore? Would you like professional out-call massage services offered in the convenience of your home? Then look no further.

Home Based Massage Service

We at massageservices.com.sg offer you a one stop solution for your home based or out-call massage services in Singapore. We have a reliable, qualified team of massage therapists. We offer our cost effective services, in the comfort of your home. With massageservices.com.sg. you will not have to go to a fitness center or gym to refresh and rejuvenate. We deliver high quality massage services at your doorstep and convenience.

At massageservies.com.sg, our massage services will offer you benefits such as:

1. Improved blood circulation
2. Ease tension
3. Relax taut muscles
4. Reduce aches and pains
5. Decrease stress levels


As they say, cheap is always expensive, whether in the short or long run. You need to bear in mind that this also applies to massage services. Low quality is synonymous with a cheap service.Low quality massage provider will not provide you with massage services on time. This will not augur well for you in terms of convenience. You will be inconvenienced as you will not get the services when you need them. Low quality massage services will result in you getting an unsatisfactory massage experience. You will end up feeling short changed as you will get a massage that will not relax you and still pay for it. Our out-call massage services will ensure that you get value for your hard earned cash.


Our wide range of services at massageservices.com.sg include the following:

During this type of massage, we use a special type of oil. Our unique massage oil will relax your tissues, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.


Our special foot massages will improve the health of your feet. A foot massage also involves scrubbing to get rid of dead superficial tissue.

Home Based Massage Service


Your body consists of tissue that may be superficial or deep. Sometimes you may experience a considerable amount of tension in your deep tissues. Our professional range of services offers you a massage for your deep tissues. This will ensure that the amount of tension and stress that you may experience reduces after the massage. Our deep tissue massage will ensure that your tissues become flexible.


We constantly strive to ensure that we provide you with the bets home based massage solutions. To ensure that you get the best from our professional massage services, there are some things you should consider. The most important factor is advance bookings for our services. You will soon discover why our out-call massage services are the best in Singapore. In this regard, our services are quite popular with our ever growing clientele within and around Singapore. To avoid unnecessary competition with other clients for our services, book early enough.


There are many reasons why we are the leading outcall massage service provider in Singapore. Check out the following reasons why we are ahead of our closest competitors.

Flexible Tailor Made Solutions

Whatever your personal massage requirements, we are flexible enough to accommodate you. We will provide you with a free, conducive environment to communicate your needs. To fulfil your individual massage requirements, we listen to you. This way, we can work out a flexible massage program that works for you. We want you to get the most out of the massage services we offer you. We offer you a diverse range of bodywork and massage services. Our services ensure that you enjoy the advantages of a great massage. Our massages are quite effective and do not take up a lot of your valuable time.

Safe and Positive Experience

Rest assured that our professional massage therapists are competent and qualified. Once you engage our quality house call massage services, all you need to do is lean back in the comfort that you are in safe hand. The fact that we provide reliable out-call massage services in your home should convince you. You will feel at ease getting your massage within the familiar surroundings of your home. You will experience a safe and beneficial massage session.

Home Based Massage Service

Qualified Experienced Professional Staff

Our staff members are dedicated to the job. We ensure that we hire only the best. Our great team of massage therapists will offer you an experience that is second to none. Our massage therapists know what is best for you. Their professional qualifications and experience speaks volumes. Rest assured. Our team will deliver whatever massage modalities and treatments that suit you.

Professional Integrity and Reliability

Our team observes a professional code of ethics and display professionalism. In every interaction with our valuable clients, we observe professional integrity. We take pride in offering our high quality services.

Innovative Creative Service Delivery

We keep tabs with emerging trends in the massage therapy field. We integrate whatever benefits we learn about. This ensures that you get a superior massage experience. We pride our team with possessing a heightened sense of professionalism. Our team will provide you with creative, one of a kind, exclusive massage services in the convenience of your home.

Pocket Friendly

We appreciate the fact that we live in tough economic times. In this regard, our services are cheap and affordable, considering what you get out of them. We have many massage packages with different payment options. Whatever your budgetary constraints, we have a massage service for you. Our massage services ensure that you get great value for your money.


If you live and work in Singapore, or happen to be visiting and need a professional home call massage therapist, be sure to look us up at massageservies.com.sg. We will ensure that you get the full benefits of a luxurious spa massage in the comfort of your own home. You will be able to rediscover your body in a wholesome way, as you look and feel great. So go on ahead. Check out our website or make that phone call and make an advance booking with our team. You will experience out-call massage services that will guarantee your satisfaction.

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Singapore Leading Outcall Massage & Home Massage Specialists

Singapore Leading Outcall Massage & Home Massage Specialists

We are specialists in Oil Massage, Foot Massage, Outcall Massage & Home Massage Service

We are specialists in Oil Massage, Foot Massage, Outcall Massage & Home Massage Service

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