How Foot Massage Is Beneficial To You

What's pleasure in life? Experience a good Massage Therapy and you will get your answer. One often opts for body massage for relaxation but the foot is left behind. On the contrary, go for a foot massage and one will experience absolute pleasure in life. Yes that's how relaxing a good foot message can be.

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The foot massage is an amazingly relaxing indulgence that anyone can afford and enjoy. For many massaging the foot can look like simple tissue manipulation experiencing the pleasure can make anyone a hook of the therapy. The message stimulates other pressure points or systems on the body through the foot.

What is Foot Reflexology?

The remedial foot massage skill is also known as Foot Reflexology. This message therapy has its basis in antique Chinese medicine. The foot has more than seven thousand five hundred nerve-endings, which is connected to vital organs of with entire body. In short, the foot, from toes to heel is said to be the map of the body. For instance, the big toe represents the head and the center of the foot represents the kidneys.

Therefore, through different foot messaging techniques all the body organs can be relaxed. A professionally trained reflexologist applies focused hand pressure on different focal areas in a foot and uses the network of nerves as a medium to transmit the pressure to the other vital nerves and different parts of the body. The whole system of message helps to restore energy balance in one's body thus rejuvenating it.

Different types of reflexologies

There are different variations of reflexology are available these include
* The Pressure Point Massage
* The Compression Massage
* The Pointed Pressure Massage
* The Vita-Flex, Zone Therapy
* The Reflex Zone Therapy
* The Reflex therapy
* Vacuflex

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Benefits of foot message

Scientifically getting a regular foot massage from a trained professional has shown a number of improvements in the human body. Basic health benefits of this type of massage are -

* Lowers stress and anxiety -
The foot goes through a lot in a whole day's activity and this is often reflected in the pains we experience in legs or foot. Moreover, the usual events and activities of life often take a toll on the brain, the anxiety levels go up leading to stress. However, messaging the foot properly can relax one down. It decreases body fatigue

* Relieve headaches and body ache -
It perks up blood circulation which is responsible for transporting nutrition and oxygen to the body cells. Thus, it relaxes the blood veins that it turn relieves one from different headaches.

* Improves digestive problems-
A foot massage is equal to doing proper exercise for different parts of your body. It thus helps to equalize body metabolism which in turn improves digestive problems.

* Improve sleeps -
A good massage can relax the body completely which results in a good night's sleep.

* Increases reproductive health -
It vitalizes the body totally which in turn helps in a better sexual life.

As most us know, short foot massage then and there, and will be of great help in getting a relaxation to the entire body. This will be of great help, particularly after long hours of walking and standing when the feet tend to swell up. But, does foot massage in Singapore can bring better benefits as against providing us the relaxation. Here are some details about the benefits it can bring:

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It is ideal for sex life:
Generally, when you visit a spa in Singapore, you will be provided with the foot massage with the best massage oil and light music in the background and this will bring about a natural improvement in the mood towards lovemaking. Even, when an individual gives foot message to the partner in bed, it can turn out to be a selfless gift, in such a way that they can forget the minor annoyances and experts are of the opinion that it is a great form of foreplay as well.

Improves circulation:
Due to a sedentary lifestyle, we get used to giving work to muscles on a regular basis. When it comes to foot reflexology, the muscles get an experience in the blood circulation that often gets impaired due to uncomfortable and tight shoes. For instance, before lovemaking, a 10-20 minute sessions will greatly improve the blood circulation to the entire part of the body right from brain to lower extremities, to enable better arousal.

Prevention of foot and ankle injuries:
When foot massage in Singapore is obtained from the best spa in Singapore, it will be of great help in curing joint pain and in aiding recovery after an injury. It will also provide great help in bringing down muscle soreness. When the massage is combined with ankle and foot strengthening exercises, it will protect the foot and ankle from future injuries. A short session of 3-5 weeks will ensure a reduction in the chances of injuries.

Bring down the effect of depression and anxiety:
When it comes to body massage in Singapore, reports state that it will bring down the effect of anxiety and depression. Experts are of the opinion that frequent sessions are known to reduce the anxiety level in patients already suffering from some ailments.

Help in migraines and headaches:
Body massage in Singapore is known to be of great help in relieving headaches and migraines. This is truer in the case of foot reflexology as the nerves leading to these conditions are greatly relaxed.This is some of the benefits of foot massage and will go a long way in helping you life a healthy life.

Masseurs have either been trained or have extensive experience, based on where these are employed. For instance, those at a massage parlor or spa tend to be more likely to be certified, while those at a gym or nail shop are less likely to be. It is also worth noting that those done at nail shops are often done with a pedicure and how good the massage feels can vary quite a little from nail technician to nail technician as they all have their own style, as opposed to being trained in any way.

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