How Often Should You Go For Post Natal Massage?

Giving birth is one of the most significant milestones in a woman’s life. Though it is an exciting and exhilarating moment, it's also an extremely painful experience as well which is inevitable however you delivered your baby. During the postpartum period, specialized massage techniques play an important role in re-balancing structure, physiology, and helping a new mom deal with her emotions and challenges of caring for her new baby. Discover the benefits of getting a postnatal massage, how soon you can have one, and how often it's recommended to gain best results.


Why Get a Postnatal Massage?

Having a baby is truly wonderful, but there are days when exhaustion, fatigue, stress, and being tired mentally or emotionally can take its toll on your body. This is a delicate time for a new mother, and she can be fragile emotionally and physically. No doubt, you want only the best for your child, which is the more solid reason you must find time to have a good post natal massage in Singapore. A full body postnatal massage is perfect for every new mom for the long-lasting benefits both mother and baby will get to enjoy.

Hastened Recovery -

Massage sessions greatly help speed up postpartum recovery, especially if you have gone through surgery or operation. The therapeutic effects promote faster recuperation and more enjoyable days of motherhood.

Pain Relief -

A postnatal massage helps alleviate overstretched ligaments, sore muscles on the legs, hips, lumbar spine or lower back, arms and shoulders. It relieves aches and pain without requiring you to take any medication. Stiffness, migraines and headaches are also reduced, while joints receive support for more flexibility.

Decreased Swelling -

Edema that is still present can be reduced by flushing out excess fluids and waste products which linger in the blood and lymphatic systems. The massage stimulates tissues towards shifting water into the right places, while the wind in the stomach is removed with the right massage techniques. Eventually, your body shape will be restored and you will gain self-esteem.

Post Natal

Soften Scar -

A massage aids in softening caesarean-section scar tissues as well as toning the muscles and skin. It prevents deeper layers and tissues in the surrounding areas from sticking together, and renders a smoother, softer, and less visible appearance. The formation of cellulites and the development of unsightly stretch marks is also kept at bay.

Relaxation -

You deserve to relax after the long 9 months of pregnancy and sleepless nights of having a newborn baby. A massage can give you some light pampering or deeper techniques to break-free from any discomfort, whichever you prefer. Some love the aroma of essential oils for a wonderful experience of utter relaxation!

Hormone Regulation -

Estrogen and progesterone hormone levels tend to be very high during pregnancy and decrease after giving birth. A good massage can normalize hormones, reduce stress and help battle depression by reducing biochemicals such as serotonin and dopamine. It can likewise bring balance to your state of mind and put you in a better mood.

Better Sleep -

In line with relaxation and reduced stress, a postnatal massage eases fatigue and assists you towards getting much-needed deeper sleep. Getting enough rest and sleep is the key to postpartum recovery and being a happier new mom! In fact, at the end of each productive massage, you will instantly feel refreshed, strengthened, rejuvenated, and more like the mother you've become!

Post Natal Massage

Improved Breastmilk -
Give the highest quality of life to your child with better lactation that will benefit you both. During the massage, oxytocins are released, which increases the levels of the hormone prolactin and encourages lactation. Your baby will receive enough milk to satisfy his or her hunger, become stronger with optimal nutrients from breastmilk, and save you from frustration of not being able to produce an abundant supply of milk. Breastfeeding is part of the beautiful relationship between mother and infant, but can be physically demanding. Securing your baby requires proper hand and arm positioning while feeding, which can compromise ligaments and cause them to be overstretched. New body positions and movements like bending, lifting, cradling and holding baby while juggling among other tasks contribute to pushing the body to its limits, and a postnatal massage helps make life easier in just about every aspect.

How Long Is the Wait Time After Delivery?

If you’ve just had a caesarean section, it's best to wait a couple of weeks before getting a postnatal massage to allow time for the wound to heal. Seek your doctor's advice, and most professionals suggest waiting until the cut is completely healed, which usually takes 6-7 weeks. Post C- section, your body is extremely sensitive and more prone to infections, hence must be given enough time to recover prior to having a postnatal massage.

How Frequent Should I Get Postnatal Massages?

Once the wound has healed, it is advisable to begin with a gentle massage performed by a trained masseuse and has has experience working with women after their C- Section. Have the massage only if you really wish to experience it and feel like having a massage, considering when and where you will be most comfortable. As a safety measure, check with your doctor once again on the frequency and intensity of postnatal massages, all for your own good and what's best for your child.

A post-partum massage is beneficial for a mother in reconnecting with her body that has transitioned from pregnancy, delivery, and all hormonal shifts in between. For most new moms, the recommended regimen would be 6 sessions within the first six months after giving birth, with each postnatal massage ranging from 60-75 minutes. Some women choose only a single session per month, or schedule more frequent sessions to immediately address their discomfort, aches and pains. It is highly recommended to ask your doctor, consult and confirm any plans first regarding a postnatal massage.

Don't think twice about getting a postnatal massage in Singapore, for nothing is stopping you from reaping its great benefits for yourself and your precious child. Some clients actually bring their baby along to their session, whether it crosses their breastfeeding schedule or simply desire to stay close to their child. You, as the new mom will be receiving the therapeutic massage, and it's more delightful how the psychological benefits of relaxation and the relief it brings you positively transfers to your baby!

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