How To Do A Foot Massage At Home

A foot massage is something that can not only put your tired feet to ease but also invigorate your entire body. Whether you have been standing throughout the day in your college laboratory or a rather demanding athletic event has stressed your feet, a foot massage is a good finale to many such occasions. Out of the many massage services in Singapore, there are a number of them that offer a foot massage at your home. It goes without saying that an unprofessional masseur can do more harm than good to your body. It is therefore imperative that you go with only the best massage services in Singapore which you can easily find online by a little survey of customer testimonials and reviews. 

How To Do A Foot Massage At Home?

However, for all DIY enthusiasts, who either want to get or give a foot massage, here is how to have a perfect foot massage at home:

1. Begin by dipping your feet in warm water for at least 5-10 minutes. It is recommended to add a little scent to the water to reap the benefits of aromatherapy as well. Warm water cleans the feet better than cold water. Use a towel to dry your feet and keep the feet wrapped in it.

2. Either lie down or sit back to relax your body, especially the feet and legs. Support your legs and feet on either a surface (can be a sofa/bed) or on person doing massage. Let one foot remain wrapped in the towel to keep it warm and massage one foot at a time. 

3. Never massage with cold hands. Run warm water over your hands to make them warm. Use either lotion or an oil to massage the foot. Before you start rubbing the foot with oil or lotion, spread it evenly over the entire foot till ankle. 

4. Begin by warming up the foot by doing some stretching. Move the foot up and down and around in a circular motion. Use one hand to support the heel by cupping it and the other to move the foot.

5. Now keep the foot back on the surface and use both hands to squeeze the foot beginning at the toes towards the ankles and then back again. Use one hand to hold inside of the foot and the other to hold outside of it.

6. After having squeezed the foot, it’s time for some twists. Twist the foot in opposite directions holding the foot with both hands in the same manner as described above. 

7. By now the foot would have warmed up and you can now graduate to strokes. With fingers of both hands, stroke the top of the foot and with the thumb, do the same to the bottom of the foot. Do it from toes towards ankles and back. Make sure you apply strokes to the grooves between the bones and the areas around ankle bones. 

8. It’s time now to focus on the toes. With your fingers on top and thumb on the bottom make circular motions around the area where the bases of your toes end.

9. Use your index and middle fingers on top and thumb on the bottom of the toes and massage from base to tip of the toe. Next, make a circle with the toe and pull it gently to get a toe pop. Work your way from the little toe towards the big toe.

10. Put your four fingers of one hand into the four interspaces of the toes and make gentle back and forth movements. Gently massage the interspaces of the toes with your index finger and thumb.

11. After the toes, start with the bottom of the foot. Make circular motions on the groove of the foot with your thumb. You can also knead the bottom with your knuckles for more pressure.

12. At the end, stroke the top with fingers and bottom with your thumb and gradually work your way towards the ankles.

With these simple steps of a foot massage, you can get the daily dose of feet relaxation at your home itself. However, if you desire more professional experience and advanced therapies to soothe your feet with the comfort of being at home, you can resort to an outcall massage service in Singapore. Most of such services have their presence online and it is recommended that you do a thorough research about the services that they provide and their charges.

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