How To Get A Spa License In Singapore?

Singapore is a place in which health & wellness niche has got spa industry as the integral part of it. This industry has become so successful that it could make good amount of profit even during the time when all other niche where hit by economic crisis. The spa culture has evolved and established well in the place and it is just because of the support of the people living there and obviously the tourists. It would be really amazing to get pampered in such luxurious way. This is the factor that attracts many of the people to utilize this features. It is this popularity of the spa that has made many of the entrepreneurs invest on this niche. Starting a spa is not something so easier as one can say. There are quite a lot of procedures involved in it so that you get license needed.

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Necessity of Spa License

It is mandatory for having license for starting your spa. Singapore has a Massage Establishment – Act under which one can apply for Massage establishment. This is the license which all the businesses should possess which offer with spa baths as well as other spa services. There are two different kinds of the spa licenses which are category I & Category II. Under these two categories, the Category I is the one which is much more preferred as it is something which is accompanied with much better business conditions. Most of the spa owners love to get maximum amount of privacy as well as freedom in their spa which can be possible only if you get Category I spa license.

Category I ME license

This is the type of spa license in which there is no need for you to worry about the age of the customers who are using the service. This is really the kind of license with so much of freedom that you can even serve alcohol in the premises of spa. The working hours of the spa can also be decided by you. This license allows the owner to even employ foreigners in the spa. There are a few numbers of exemptions too associated with this license. It is always good for one to read through the various aspects related with the kind of the license which include the terms & conditions, exemptions and even the guidelines before you actually submit any application so that you need not have to waste time behind something for which you are not qualified. Understanding each and every aspect in detail can save a lot of effort as well as time of yours in the case of the license.

Some Conditions

There are certain conditions that the entrepreneurs need to be aware of so that they actually understand what and all the steps they need to follow so that they get the best way to have access of the license they want without any issues. The first thing that they need to ensure is that they should be registered already with Singapore companies registrar of the ACR or the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority so that they can easily apply for the ME license. Any companies can register under this body irrespective of being the ones in the country or outside. In the case of native companies there is nothing much they have to think but can directly give the application. It is not the same in the case of the foreign companies. They need to first have employment pass or work permit of Singapore for getting qualified to apply with the regulatory body. Another important factor that every entrepreneur in the niche of spa should know is that the age should be above 21 and there should not be any negative or criminal record registered against the individual. There are so any other criteria for the companies to be eligible to apply for getting registered with the authority so that they can ultimately qualify for the category I license.

How To Get A Spa License In Singapore?

Documents Required for Submitting the Application

Submitting the application does form a major part in attaining spa license in Singapore. It is also necessary for you to follow many other steps too in this regard so that they actually get the license and the permission to operate in the way they actually want the business to be. It is necessary for the entrepreneurs to even understand the various documents that are necessary so that they can submit the application Here are the documents which the spa entrepreneurs need to procure to submit to Police force.

The first document that you need to have is the certificates for all the various staffs who are working in the spa that include the therapists and masseuses. This need to be recognized by the police who are working under licensing division. It is also necessary to obtain a No Objection Letter from the owner of the building or the management of the building and also the surrounding people for starting the spa. URA planning permission should also be submitted that says about the intend of using the premises for spa as well as health care.

It is also important to submit the list of the staffs who are going to work in the spa along with various other details that include identity card number in Singapore, contact details, passport details and also the designations in the spa.

There are so many other documents too which need to be submitted by spa owner which include building plan reference Number which can be obtained from FSSD. The floor plan of the spa with documentary proof of accreditation from CaseTrust should also be submitted. It is also necessary to include the list of various renovation items, assets and also costs for making spa. The staff uniform should be photographed from all angles and submitted. The land deed or tenancy agreement also should be submitted to authorities.

The authorities ensure that all the documents that you submit are in the proper form. If so they provide you with the license inside 12 working days.  - Singapore #1 Massage, Outcall Massage, & Home Massage Company. Looking for Massage Services in Singapore? Still Looking For Professional Outcall Massage? Need Professional Massage At The Convenience In Your Home?
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