Is Foot Massage Beneficial To Health?

Our feet carry us for the longest period of time and bear loads of pain yet we take the least care of this. But a foot massage can prove to be really beneficial in many ways and this is not at all harmful for any human being. If you want to keep your legs flexible and sturdy, proffer them with a daily foot massage for a few minutes. No parlor or salon is needed as this can be performed easily on the house.


Foot massage is not a new thing in the world and this is not a gift of the modern culture. If we go by the information of ancient period, we would find that foot massage was first introduced 5000 years ago in China. They believed that all the sensory nerves are located at the part of our foot. A certain amount of daily pressure on the nerves can create rejuvenating energy and prospers our physical and mental well-being.

Here we showcased some beneficial factors of foot massage which might have unheard of. Look at them, apply them and get a good health.

The physical benefits of foot massaging:

Basically, foot massaging offers us two types of healing. One is physical where the other is mental. In this portion, we presented the detailed information about the physical advantages precisely. 

1. Pain reliever and stops vomiting:
Are you feeling like vomiting every time or have pain all over the body? There can be millions of reasons behind this but the solution is the one and that is none other than foot massaging. If one takes foot massage on a daily basis then he gets rid of all the pain and nausea. This is also very beneficial for all the cancer patients as it helps to ease the bodily pain at the time of chemotherapy. 

2. Blood circulation enhancer: 
We lead a really inactive lifestyle where we don’t take special care of bones and muscles. It puts a direct impact on eth blood circulation procedure. Daily 15 minutes of foot massage is enough to make one active and full of life. 

Take any types of essential oils on your palm and rub it all over to start massaging. Give simple strokes and give massage to the pressure points. Spend around 7 minutes of time behind every foot. This process stimulates the lymphatic part and makes yoir blood circulation better than the previous times.


3. Multiple Sclerosis: 
Reflexology is one of the prior elements of foot massaging and this is considered to be the most advantageous factor in healing Multiple sclerosis troubles. If you are suffering from this particular illness, you will be provides with a one year long reflexology course. In this course, you will get pressure point healing and general massaging. A multiple sclerosis patient often feels urinary and sense troubles and a good foot massaging can alleviate them all in a hurry. 

4. Offer a great headache relief:
There has been a recent research on this particular topic if foot massaging is really beneficial in healing migraine pain or not. Recently a test had been held in Denmark where the subjects detached themselves from all kinds of medication and begin taking reflexology as part of foot massaging. After finishing the reflexology course, they observed that more than 60% of illness indications had been reduced. Reflexology is completely a natural way and is best known to provide the healthier lifestyle.

5. Lessens the PMS pain:
If you are a girl then this problem is probably not hidden and once every month a woman goes through the same PMS (Post menstrual syndrome) troubles. Insomnia, mood swings and fatigue are the most troubled indications. But a daily massage on the feet can solve these indications. On the other hand, indications or signs of menopause, which are very alike to those suffered throughout PMS with the totting up of boiling sparks and sadness, might be efficiently decreased with normal foot massages.

The mental benefits of foot massaging:

As we mentioned earlier how important is foot massaging is so we brought up some mental health advantages. Look below to know more about them in details.

1. Stay relaxed by overcoming stress and fatigue:
Massages are always there to offer us mental rejuvenation with pure bliss. Foot massages help a big way in stopping fatigue or depression to the core. Calming the corpse throughout foot massaging might stop the damaging effects of pressure from captivating damage on the body. A standard massage in the area of foot can proffer all the defence alongside a lot of illnesses which are linked with mental pressure. A good foot massage can offer you the feeling of fulfillers and you can relax wholeheartedly. 


Recently a research has been done on some heart patients. All those patients went through bypass surgery and then divided into two groups. The first group was provided with a daily foot massage and the other group was on medication. After one month, they are all going under a test where it showed that those people who were on the massaging spree, got more well-being and health score than the other group. Foot massaging might be an effectual instrument to not merely reduce post-operative pressure and nervousness, but to endorse recreation in your everyday life.

2. Augments the sleep quotient:
The sleep of most human beings is regulated by mental conditions. If one factor can keep the stress away from the mind then it can also assist that one to get a power snap. All you need to do is to take a foot massage before going to sleep at the night-time. There are several of pressure points which are really helpful in bringing sleep to your eyes. 

We have let you know one acupuncture method which can help you in the long way to get sleep in no time. First sit on a straight line and keep the foot on the lap. Then start pressing force on the big plantar pad of the large toe. Use the thumb finger to carry out this method. Continue this method for the next one minute and lastly massage the underneath area of the foot with coconut and olive oil.

As you have observed, foot massaging is beneficial for both mental and physical health. Start taking the massage on a daily basis but if you find it tough to maintain the expense of salon or parlour then get massaging lessons from the internet and carry out them on your own.


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