Is Foot Massage Good For Baby?

For a long time, many have been led to believe that massage is an affair for the adults and teens only. Various case studies have however proved that children can benefit from a good message. A foot massage has explicitly been shown to have significant benefits that range from the overall growth to the social well-being of the kid. Some of the main advantages of a Foot massage to a baby include.

Massage For Baby

1. Encourages bonding between the parent and the child

Foot massage allows the parent to bond with the child as they spend some time together and develop the needed connection that a mother should have with a kid. Establishing this relationship at a tender age allows the child and the parent to pull along well in the future even when the kid comes of age.

2. Enhances communication

A parent can use foot massage to communicate with the child through facial expressions and learning how the child reacts when touched at multiple areas. The parent can pick both nonverbal and verbal cues when she strokes the baby at particular parts.

3. Stimulates blood circulation

Research has shown that foot massage aids in blood circulation if you stoke the legs well. A good massage can play a vital role in stimulating the nervous system which is essential for the overall growth of the kid. Enhanced circulation also ensures that all the body parts get the necessary nutrients that are essential for normal functioning of such organs. The massage also exercises the child’s organs which ensure that he/she does not face everyday challenges such as muscle cramps.

4. Eases parental stress

Parenting can sometimes prove to be stressful and calls for a resilient parent to pull through. When giving your baby a foot massage, you can sit down and have quality time with him/her. Several scenarios have indicated that relaxed and comfortable children give their parents quality time where they can concentrate on other tasks such as food preparation and other daily chores.

5. Proper handling improves the mother’s confidence

Handling a child maybe a nightmare especially for first-time parents. A simple act such as a foot massage can be a great way to learn how to treat your kid and note how he/she reacts to touch. When you rub your child frequently, you get an assurance that baby handling is not as hard as you may have believed.

6. Massage improves the child’s concentration

When you rub your baby frequently, he/she learns how to concentrate which is very beneficial in the future. Combining this exercise with minimal play; the kid learns how to multitask which is a necessary tactic for survival.

Massage For Baby

7. Helps the child to relax and catch some sleep

Most parents complain that they find it difficult to sooth their kids to sleep. Sometimes, carrying them proves to be futile, and this becomes to be a nightmare to most parents. Foot massage if undertaken well helps your kid relax and catch some sleep faster than if traditional modes are applied.

How to create the right environment for a baby foot massage

For the massaging exercise to be useful, you have to ensure that your kid is both physically and mentally ready for this beneficial process. Some of the tips to make sure that this process is efficient to include.

The right timing

The ideal time to massage your baby is when he is alert and content. Carrying out the activity when he/she is hungry may not be beneficial as expected as they lack the energy needed for normal body functions. Massaging your baby when tired is also not desirable because their concentration during this time is very low.

Select the ideal position

The best position will depend on the available resources, for example, the bed or sofa. Make your kid lie on either the sofa or bed as you take him/her through this great process.

Ensure that the child is comfortable

Ensure that your child does not have distractions or is not affected by things such as overhead lights. Select a position where he/she can maintain eye contact with you and note he enjoys the exercise.

Reduce the kid’s clothing

Excessive clothing like pants and socks may affect the effectiveness of the massage process. If possible, you can do away with the socks and gently stroke your kid’s feet for maximum benefits. You can also use loose clothing which allows you to explore various parts of your child easily.

Massage For Baby

Use recommended oils

Consider applying some oil so as to make the stroking process easy and enjoyable. It is advisable to use those oils that have been recommended for kids and are not likely to have effects on his/her skin.

Observe the child’s reaction

The essence of this exercise is to benefit the child in various ways. If however, you note that the baby’s mood changes and become uneasy when you start the process, this is a red flag, and you should stop. The infant should enjoy the process, but it should not be a source of distress.

How do you massage your baby’s feet?

To get started, you need to oil your hands to make them smooth and ready to handle your kid. The oiling makes your hands warm and soft so as to feel the child’s skin which is delicate and susceptible to physical injuries.

Place one of your child’s feet in between your palms and then secure his/her ankle with one hand.

Move the other hand from the thigh downwards to the ankle repeatedly and then switch hands. The strokes should be slow and flowing.

Next, you need to cradle your kid’s foot and stroke it from the heels to the toes. Repeat this at the top of the child’s feet severally.

You should then squeeze his/her toe and rub it gently in between your index finger and thumb.

To wrap up the exercise, stroke your kid’s legs from the ankle upwards severally.

There are a lot of benefits associated with a foot massage for children as illustrated by the above points. The procedure applied may, however, vary from one person to the other depending on the kid’s age and health conditions.

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