Is Head Massage Good For Your Health?

It has been proved through various studies and researches that massage therapy is one of the best healing therapies used for the well being of humans. So, for this reason various types of massages including head massage are used by Singaporeans for a number of health benefits. Along with using various medicinal drugs to treat their health problems people are more and more getting inclined to massage therapies. This increasing tendency has evolved a number of massage services in Singapore. So in order to get the best results you should search for a credible massage service on the basis of their training, license, quality of services and experience.

Head Massage

Along with verifying the information about the massage services, as per guidelines, you should also know about the health benefits of head massage. Some of these benefits are listed hereunder for your consideration. Detoxification benefit: You can detoxify your body by removing the excreted wastes from it by enhancing its lymphatic drainage. This drainage as well as your immune system can be enhanced with the help of your head massage. The massage of you head can also help in the prevention of a number of other health problems like stress, tension and migraine etc. Relieving benefit: Head massage also helps in relaxing number of illness in your body for long time including headaches and pain in various muscles by decompressing them. Such conditions are relieved in Singapore through massage on the scalp and increasing the flow of cerebral fluid. Healing benefit: Today’s improper eating habits and chaotic lifestyle has increased the problems of restlessness and insomnia mainly in younger generation which in turn can lead to a number of serious health problems. All such problems can be treated to a great extent by giving head massage along with full body massage.

Stimulation: Along with other types of massages head massage in Singapore also helps in activating and stimulating the stiff muscles on the neck and back caused by the constant work for long time on the office desk, without any stretching. These massages help in increasing the range of movement of body parts along with increasing the circulation of the blood. Overall improvement: Head massage along with full body massage helps in improving your overall health as they increase the circulation of the blood which in turn improves the functioning of your body. They also help in reducing your blood pressure which can cause various health problems like strokes and heart problems. Make you live a healthy lifestyle: Massages including head massage help in making your entire body healthy by making you anxiety and stress free. The positive energy encouraged by these massage therapies can help humans in facing the challenges of life positively. You can also get rid of the problems like dandruff and flaking in your scalp in Singapore by increasing its blood circulation through head massage with essential oil.

Acupressure head massage

Acupressure is one of the most popular massage therapies used traditionally in Chinese medicinal field. In this therapy they activate certain acu-points or acupressure points on your body to correct the imbalances of Yin and Yang energies to encourage body’s self healing capability and clearing blockages. This therapy is also used for removing toxins and relaxing your body to get rid of certain chronic diseases like diabetes and blood pressure. Acupressure therapy is also used in Singapore these days as a kind of head massage as it can help in reliving tensions and stresses caused by chaotic lifestyle. You can do it yourself as most of these acu-points are easy to locate and remember and basic techniques of pressing or kneading them are easy to use after some practice. Some of the massage services in Singapore also use head acupressure these days instead of head massage to provide health benefits to their clients. Brief information about the health benefits of some of the head acupressure treatments is provided here under for your reference.

Massage For Health

Yin Tang

The acu-points of this head acupressure massage are located between the two tips of your eyebrows. It can help in relieving your nasal congestion, clearing your head and brightening your eyes. It calms and refreshes your brain and improves your sleep. It helps in relieving pain and congestion of the meridian, dizziness, headaches, heat in the forehead along with dispersing wind. It also helps inn treating problems like sinusitis, nosebleed and rhinitis along with dizzy vision and sore eyes. It is also good for improving neurological system to treat the problems like facial palsy, insomnia, hypertension, neurasthenia, trigeminal neuralgia, amnesia and dementia etc.

Ying Xiang

The location of its acu-points is beside the midpoint of your nose-wing. Its health benefits include relieving congestion, dispersion of wind, drainage of lung fire, improvement in blood circulation, relieving constipation relieving pain and regulating Qi. It is also good for treating deviated mouth and eyes, swollen lips, puffy face, sore and heated eyes, headaches, boils on face and head, chronic conjunctivitis and tearing eyes. It can also help in treating various nasal problems including bleeding nose, blocked nose, hyposmia, chronic and acute rhinitis, upper respiratory infection, wheezing or gasping and nasal polyp etc.

Qiao Gong

The range of acu-points of this head acupressure treatment is located along the longitudinal muscle starting from below the ear to the collarbone. It helps in providing health benefits like regulating the blood pressure as its acu-points are located near the carotid sinus.

In this way, whether it is head massage or acupressure in the head region most of the massage services in Singapore help in providing a number of health benefits to their clients. Some of the massage parlours in Singapore opt for head acupressure instead of head massage as both of them offer a number of health benefits to their clients. The basic thing is that you must choose the service very carefully as you can find them in large number in Singapore. Most of these service providers claim to provide the best services in regard to head and body massage but you should rely only on a reputed and experience service providers to get the results as per your requirements.

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