Pre Natal Massage VS Post Natal Massage

Though the concept of pre natal massage and post natal massage is not new in the eastern countries but they have gained popularity all over the world since about two decades only. Pre natal massage is the massage done during pregnancy whereas post natal massage is done after the birth of the baby. The medical practitioners in Singapore dealing in traditional ways of medical treatments know the pros and cons of both of these massages, before and after pregnancy. Brief information about the benefits of both of these massages is given here under to know about them more precisely


Benefits of prenatal massage

You will be happy to know that pre natal massage has a number of benefits for both the would-be mother as well as the baby to-come, even if you do not know much about parenting techniques.

According to various experts such massages help in strengthening the bond between the parents. Some of the certified therapists teach the husbands certain massaging techniques so that they can help their spouse when required. In this way the husbands can show their concern for their pregnant wives through their active participation which in turn helps in making their bonding stronger.

Hormonal regulation is another benefit of pre natal massage. According to medical experts the massage during pregnancy helps in regulating the levels of hormones linked with the relaxation and stress of the pregnant women. In this way this massage helps in improving their cardiovascular health along with improving their mood along with reducing the complications during the birth of the baby. It reduces their stress level and inflammation along with strengthening their immune system just within five weeks by doing it bi-weekly by regulating their hormones.

The massage during pregnancy also improves blood circulation throughout the body. This improvement in blood circulation also helps in delivering nutrients and oxygen throughout their body along with flushing out the cellular wastes and toxins. The physical strokes on the tissues and muscles also help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems and swelling in the joints during pregnancy.

In fact, pre natal massage helps in stimulating the natural pain killers in your body along with helping in improving the delivery of anti-inflammatory substances throughout the body by improving circulation. It also helps in relaxing the sensitive structure of the muscles of the legs, pelvis, lower back and neck etc.

Pre Natal

How to take pre natal massage?

But you should consult your medical care provider before proceeding with pre natal massage as in some cases it can risk pregnancy or cause various health problems if done before second trimester. According to health experts a typical session of massage during pregnancy, done minimum once in a week for at least 5 weeks, should last between 30-60 minutes, depending upon the circumstances and medical condition of the pregnant woman. The therapists usually assess the pregnancy history thoroughly before starting the first session of message to determine its length.

The pre natal massage can popularly be done in two positions one in sitting and second lying on the side or in inclined position. The therapist uses his fingers and palm to stroke the body by putting medium pressure gently on certain areas including feet, low back, shoulders and legs. The trained therapists usually use pressure points that target on improving the relaxation of the body instead of stroking on certain pressure points which can induce unwanted premature contractions.

Post natal Massage

After experiencing the soothing effect of so many sessions of pre natal massage you should not discontinue it after an uncomplicated or least complicated delivery of the baby. According to health experts, the post natal massage at this stage will help in completing the journey of pregnancy more smoothly. Though the care of newborn baby is also very important at this time but you should also not ignore the health of new-mom. You can improve their physical as well as mental health of the new mom with the help of post natal massage sessions.

The post natal massage also helps in reliving your body pain just like it was done by the massage during pregnancy. Many women experience discomfort and pain in their thighs, legs, neck, back and arms even after the birth of the baby because their body takes time to recover its original state. One can revert to her original shape within 6-9 months after the birth of the baby by improving the feelings and movements of the ligament soft her joints and muscles. But this massage should be done properly as it can increase problem in breastfeeding and pain in the arms, shoulders and neck if done incorrectly. So you can make your transition from post pregnancy to pre pregnancy state easier by having post natal massage in routine.

Post Natal

Benefits of post natal massage

The post natal massage helps in improving the circulation required for flushing out cellular waste, toxins and excessive water content in the body. It also helps in reducing unwanted body weight gained during pregnancy. It also helps the body to regain elasticity and firmness by toning up the muscles and reducing its flabbiness.

It also helps in improving the supply of milk reduced by the stress during pregnancy. Regular massage after pregnancy helps in lowering the physical and psychological stresses along with improving the production of milk to healthy level. It also helps in promoting emotional health of the new mom by reducing her stress levels.

How to take post natal massage

According to various health experts post natal massage is recommended to be taken up to 12 weeks after the birth of the baby. But you will have to wait until the healing of the wounds if you have undergone C-section so that you can lay down comfortably on your stomach or side for this massage.

But before proceeding with massage after pregnancy you should consult your birthing or health expert so that it may not cause any harm to your health and physical appearance.

Thus, by comparing the benefits of pre natal massage and post natal massage, it can be concluded that both of them are important to keep the pregnant woman and her baby healthy and comfortable before and after the pregnancy in Singapore.

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