Pros & Cons On Baby Massage

The practice of giving a new born baby some body massage is pretty old. Parents generally hire a midwife or someone serving that purpose to give the baby a proper body massage. The popular belief behind this practice is that body massage helps in strengthening the bones of the baby as well as help in proper blood circulation. People also believe that a body massage actually gives the baby some exercise which will eventually help him in getting on his feet early. The theory, however still needs any final proof to support it. In most of the cases, doctors advice otherwise and encourage the parents in not giving their newborn baby the massage, at least not from someone who is not well trained. Baby massages from some untrained person may permanently damage the muscles, bones and tissues of the baby. Doctors also encourage the mother herself to take up the duty of massaging of her baby. This ensures the fact that the mother will be extra careful to her own baby and the chances of occurrence of any kind of harm during the process will be nullified.

Baby Massage

Here, in this article, we have discussed some of the most common pros and cons of baby massages. Go through this article at least once before starting giving body massage to your baby as the following points are going to give you a pretty clear idea what harm as well as good body massages can inflict upon your child.

Disadvantages of baby massages:

1. Most of the people don’t wait enough to start the massaging procedure of their baby. According to child specialists, the kin of the newborn remains delicate and too prone to any kind of skin infections. So, if the body massage is started before the baby is even three months old, the chances of spreading serious skin infections increase significantly. To avoid that, you should at least wait for your baby to be three or four months old before starting the body massaging.

2. The second point is the appointment of midwives or masseuses who are not really trained in massaging a toddler. The inexperience may harm the baby really bad and some permanent damage to the skin, bones or muscles of the baby might incur.

3. In some certain cases, the masseuses tend to put the massage oil in the ear, nose or naval of the baby. This practice should be strictly prohibited as this may cause serious damage to the health of the baby. The oils tend to stuck in these pores and they start to accumulate dirt and dust over the course of time. The dust will eventually close the pores and the baby will suffer some serious trauma regarding that. The practice is also very unhygienic and the parents should keep a close eye to whether this practice is repeated or not.

4. Also make sure that the body oil that is being applied to the body of your baby is suitable for him. There are a number of body oils in the market but you should be very careful about picking up only that brand which is clinically proven to be the best suitable for your baby.

Apart from these common disadvantages, there are certain plus points to baby massages as well. For this, you need to make sure that the massage is done carefully by the mother or a trained masseuse only.

Baby Massage

Advantages of baby massages:

1. Through baby massage, the intensity and the quality of the baby’s sleep can be increased significantly. Proper massage has been proved to relax the muscles of the toddler and give him a long and uninterrupted sleep.

2. The baby massage also increases the strength in the muscles of the baby. He gets the mobility of his limbs pretty early due to this and the massage also increases the general immune system of the baby.

3. The proper body massage stimulates a number of hormones to release in the infant’s body. These hormones can assist the baby in numerous things. Among these, the hormones assist the child in relieving any kind of discomfort that he feels during the process of teething. It also helps the kid in tolerating nose and chest congestion, the sorts of emotional and colic stress.

4. The body massage also helps in stimulating the skin of the baby. This helps in establishing a better communication between the body and the brain of the baby. This helps the kid in gaining more control over his bodily functions and starts to move his limbs according to his wish.

5. A gentle massage also helps in increasing the flexibility of the limbs of the baby.

6. Proper body massage to your baby also helps in improving the oxygen supply in his body. This also helps in a better nutrient flow in his body and the cells.

7. The baby massage also establishes a better relation between you and the baby. He starts to communicate with you in a more confident manner. He also feels his tensions and anxiety relieved while around you. This helps greatly in establishing a great relationship between you and your kid.

8. Even for the parents, this baby massage can be of great help. It gives the working parents, especially who are working is the strict routine in Singapore, some quality time to spend with the baby and develop their relationship and mode of communication. The baby body massage is also regarded as a stress buster for even the parents.


So, overall, the baby body massages will do a world of good to your child if the massage is done with proper care and within the regulated guidance. Don’t use any kind of chemical while massaging the body of your baby. Wash your hands with some proper and mild disinfectant before massaging you baby. Also make sure that you do the whole process with utmost care. If you are seriously stressed and you think that the stress may affect the procedure of massage, then it is advisable to skip the routine and do it in another time that deems more suitable. It would be better if you take the advices from a specialist doctor before starting massaging your baby’s body. Also take some proper training from institutions that provide them to new parents. The massaging is definitely going to better the relationship between you and your baby and will benefit you both in great way. There are also some organizations providing this kind of massage services in Singapore as well as around the world from whom you can seek professional help regarding this.

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