Reasons to Hire Massages Services

Today a large number of individuals and corporate office hire massages services to keep themselves as well as their employees fit and healthy. In fact, massage can be one of the most traditional ways practiced for their healing properties. Many people from ancient Egypt, Greece, India and China were used to treat a number of health problems with massage because they were convinced of its healing properties.

Massage Services

Many massages services manipulate or knead the muscles and other soft tissues of a person to improve their health and well being with the help of massage therapy. This manually operated therapy includes moving, applying pressure and holding the tendons, muscles, fascia and ligaments.

Massages services use wide range of techniques of massage therapy in different manners to treat the physical problems by pressurizing or touching the body parts.

Treatment of certain disorders by massage

It has been revealed through various researches that massage can manage following disorders very effectively:

Chronic/subacute pain in lower back
DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness
High blood pressure
Injuries in soft tissues

Massages can provide effective support to the people having:

Life bullying illnesses like cancer etc.
Chronic diseases

Instant benefits of massage

Massage provided by massages services can provide certain instant benefits like:

Calming down and deep relaxation as it helps in releasing the brain chemicals like endorphins to give a feeling of happiness and comfort

Reducing the level of stress hormones like cortisol, norepinephrine and adrenalin etc that can affect your immune system, if their level is high

Physical benefits of massage therapy

Proper use of massage therapy can help in:

Improving blood circulation
Reducing tension in muscles
Reducing the level of stress hormones
Stimulating the lymphatic system
Increasing flexibility and mobility of joints
Improving the recovery of injuries in soft tissues
Reducing depression and anxiety
Improving skin tone
Heightening mental alertness

Massage Services

Different types of massages in massage therapy

Most of the massages services use different types of items including talcum powder or oil to provide different types of massages to their clients. These things also help in improving the mobility of the hands of the massage practitioner so that they can glide on the entire body of the patient without any hindrance.

Different types of massages used by massages services may include:

Remedial massage
: It helps in assessing, treating and rehabilitating the symptoms, signs and causes of the injuries and biomechanical disorders and restoring the normal condition by using certain mobilization techniques.

Myotherapy massage:
It helps in assessing and treating the pain in soft tissues, dysfunction and injury affecting the mobility and movement of the patient. It also helps in maintaining and restoring the function and health of the structure of soft tissues in the human body like tendons, muscles, fascia and ligaments.

Lymphatic drainage:
It is a gentle treatment for the entire body to help in improving the immune system f the body along with relaxing its nervous system.

Therapeutic massage:
It is popularly known as Swedish or Western massage as this technique is popularly used in Western countries to improve blood circulation and promoting relaxation.

Baby massage:
This massage can help in treating problems like colic, sleeping and constipation. It can also help premature babies to gain weight fast if performed regularly.

Aromatherapy massage:
In this type of massage various essential oils extracted from certain plants and flowers, depending upon their therapeutic properties, are added to the massage oil to improve its effectiveness on your nervous system as well as immune system.

Shiatsu massage:
This technique of oriental massage helps in improving the flow of energy in the body by working on its certain points. It works like acupuncture.

Reflexology massage:
The basic principle of this massage is that your entire body is affected by its certain parts known as reflex points. These reflex points are found in your hands, feet, ears and face which are related to your entire body. They stimulate the healing process of the body when pressure is applied to them.

Sports massage:
Though it is not a particular type of massage still it includes various types of treatments and techniques to treat the conditions and injuries of the sportspersons depending upon the stage of their training and nature of competition. Massages services assess the condition of the sportsman before working on their body.

Thus, there are a number of reasons to hire the services of professional massages services for one’s physical and mental betterment.

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