Types Of Massage And Tool Used

Massage services is the medical art of using various massage strokes on different parts of the human body to condition it and enhance its healing ability. Most of these massage services methods are similar to each other in most of their techniques, while some methods add different methods to enhance their massage services style.

Types Of Massage And Tool Used

If you are planning on having a massage services for your regular care, you may check some common used types of massage services on most massage spas:


This is one of the oldest types of massage services that can be traced back in Ancient Egypt 2330 BC ago. This type of massage services focuses only on both hands and feet of the patient instead of working on the whole body. And because of this, the patient doesn't need to undress during the massage session. Reflex areas on the hands and feet are connected to their corresponding body parts which are vital in keeping and improving the quality of the patient's health. Modern day reflexology offers a relaxing and revitalizing experience to the patient that is why it is a popular service offered by many massage spas and home services all over the world.

Swedish Massage

A popular western style massage services that uses light, smooth strokes on the patient's body. This is a good choice if the patient is after a relaxing and comfortable massage services where he or she can sleep during the whole duration of the massage session. There are different types of massage strokes used on this type of massage therapy such as effleurage, percussion, kneading and other massage strokes. The patient will be required to undress during the massage session so that the clothes will not hinder the massage therapist as he or she works thoroughly on the patient's body. This type of massage services is suitable for those who are looking for gentle and relaxing strokes.

Aromatherapy Massage

This type of massage is a blend of two medical care methods mixed for the same purpose of healing and calming down the body of the patient. Although these two can be done separately, doing both at the same time is believed to be more effective in serving their purpose. Five essential oils will be chosen by the patient for the massage services. These essential oils have different beneficial properties such as relaxing, energizing, calming, and much more. Swedish massage is then used while the essential oils are used on the patient's body. An aromatherapy massage is usually used to relieve stress and to relax the body and emotions of the patient.


It is a Japanese style of therapeutic massage which uses meridian points as the basis where they focus on manipulating and improving the health of the patient. Shiatsu practitioners believe that energy should flow freely all over the body to have a good health. Unlike the other types of massage services, this is done on a massage mat on the floor. Shiatsu greatly improves and increases the circulation within the body.

Types Of Massage And Tool Used

Body Wraps

Body wraps come in many different varieties. There are mud/clay wraps, seaweed wraps, tea wraps, fruit wraps, and lotion or oil wraps. Depending on what is used, it can use for detox, or hydrate the skin they are very relaxing. The person is wrapped up with sheets and/or blankets after the chosen product is applied. They are generally left wrapped for about 20 minutes, then they go shower to get the product rinsed off. After that they usually will have lotion or oil applied to their body. It's nice to have a body polish before the wrap to really prepare the skin, and a massage afterward.

Body Polishes

Like body wraps, polishes also come in various forms. The most common ones use salt, which is sometimes referred to as a salt glow or salt scrub. Other ones use sugar, coffee, oatmeal, or seeds. It's only limited by the imagination of the massage therapist. Sometimes they are done on a special "wet" table complete with it's own shower to rinse off, or on a regular massage table, then they go take a shower to rinse off before having lotion applied. These are great treatments for exfoliating and nourishing the skin.

Facial Massage

Not to be confused with a facial given by a licensed aesthetician, a facial massage focuses on massaging the muscles of the face, neck, and shoulders. A facial given by an aesthetician includes extractions, along with the exfoliation and application of lotions or oils.

Tools used in massage

These tools are made to help you feel better after a massage or to make it easier for you to carry out a massage. This article will be showing you three of the most important tools for a massage. Although these are important, it doesn't mean that you won't be able to have a pleasurable massage. It will still depend on the type of Massage that you or an individual wants.

Types Of Massage And Tool Used

Massage Oil

This is a very important tool and most massage today won't be complete without this. Oils are important because this makes the massage more sensual, and it reduces the friction that an individual feels while being massaged. However, there are also types of massage that are unique because they don't use massage oils like Thai.

Smooth Stones

These are tools that are said to help a person to relieve tensed muscles of a person. By placing the stones on vitals points and applying pressure, a person will feel immediate relief.

Electronic Massager

This type tool is commonly used by a person to massage himself. However, there are also some types of massage that are using electronic massager. This tool vibrates depending on the preferred level of the user and is targeting pressure points.
These are some of the most common tools that can be used for a massage. However, it doesn't mean that you won't have a pleasurable massage if a masseur will use other tools that were not mentioned above. There are other tools that were not mentioned simply because they are not used, and are only being applied for a particular type of massage such as mud and gold.


Massage has become a greater part of pre and post-training regime for amateur and professionals alike. As a warm-up method, massage helps to increase blood flow, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, warming them and preparing them for exercise. As a cool-down method massage again increases blood flow, this time to help remove the build-up of toxins from within the muscles. Recent research has shown deep muscle massage after a workout can cause muscles to enlarge and grow new mitochondria; these turn important nutrients into energy used within the body. The increased number and size of mitochondria is related to massage after exercise; without post workout massage, there was no change to the mitochondria numbers or size. An increase in mitochondria improves endurance and performance, as they are the main power sources for the body, an increased number means an increased rate at which the muscles utilize oxygen. Relieving muscle tension, spasms, DOMS and removal of scar tissue as well as increase blood flow allows the athlete to have quicker recovery times and greater ability to train harder.

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