What Are The Advantages Of Post Natal Massage?

A full body massage in the form of a post natal massage is perfect for every mother, not only for some well-deserved pampering after all those lengthy months of carrying baby in her belly, but for the various benefits it brings towards her utmost health as a new mom. Having a baby is a wonderful thing, but there are inevitable days when exhaustion can take place with you wanting only the best for your child. It is totally acceptable that you feel tired, both physically and mentally, or even emotionally and sometimes become stressed. Painful areas such as the back and aches throughout your body do not help at all. The more you must find time for a good post natal massage in Singapore for a better mother and baby relationship. Here are the many benefits you can get out of it:

Post Natal Massage

Hastened Recovery

Once your doctor advises you are ready, there's no point in thinking twice before going for a post natal massage service. The sessions will greatly help speed up your recovery, especially if you have undergone surgery or operation. You have to be strong during the initial weeks of your baby's life, and thereafter as he or she grows and matures. Faster healing is made even more attainable if you opt for a home massage, where you can get all the help you can get. It will all be performed within the comforts of your own home, where you and your baby remain close to each other. At the end of each short but very productive and worthwhile massage, you will feel refreshed, rejuvenated, strengthened, and feeling like the awesome mom that you are!

Pain, Pain, Go Away

Tensed muscles are relaxed and stiffness is reduced, sore spots are relieved, joints are supported for flexibility, migraines and headaches are kept at bay. People are generally happier when they are free from pain, and same goes with a woman who just delivered a baby. Back pain is common to linger long after giving birth, since it has become strained due to pounds or kilograms of the belly's weight during pregnancy. The hips, upper and lower back, neck and shoulders, as well as the abdomen are prone to aches and pain too. A post natal massage is a proven effective holistic approach that relaxes muscles while alleviating pain at the same time. This is all possible without taking any medication that may have adverse side effects, to you and your breastfed baby. A skilled therapist ensures you receive personalized service according to your concerns, where chronic and severe pain will receive utmost care in multiple sessions. Life will be made easier for you with a post natal massage. You will not be hindered by any pain when you have to bend over the crib, change nappies, and whenever you need to carry baby or wish to cradle him or her in your arms.

Overall Wellness

A post natal massage boosts oxygen supply and promotes regulated blood flow towards the muscles. The increased blood circulation helps eliminate toxins in the body. You achieve a balanced state of hormones with the massage working its way on your entire body, reducing biochemicals such as dopamine and serotonin that are linked with depression and anxiety. The massage also helps reduce the stress hormone cortisol. It also helps with improved sleep, which is essential during this period where there are many sleepless nights you will stay up late. Some essential oils stimulate a better mood aside from the utter relaxation you are bound to experience.Having a better body and better state of mind from the effects of a relaxing massage can help you better cope with the challenges of caring for a new baby. As little as 30 minutes to an hour of your time can do wonders for a very long time, with the lasting benefits of the massage.

Post Natal Massage

Restoration of Body Shape

The post-partum swelling and fluid retention which makes the new mom look big is significantly reduced, as it aids the lymphatic system's processes to facilitate elimination of excess water in the body. Painful spasms are avoided as well. Tissue stimulation helps your body shift water in the right places. The wind in the stomach is removed with proper massage techniques. Otherwise, you may be dealing with a bloated tummy and flaunting the same look. This affects the confidence of a woman who has previously given birth, as some people tend to think that she is still, or once again pregnant by mistake! You already have a baby, and you don't need any baby fat to carry around for life. Nothing is more embarrassing than falling into this scenario, which can be avoided by simply relaxing as you go through a post natal massage.

Beautiful Skin, Beautiful You

If you have went through a cesarean operation and the wound has healed, it can be massaged as well for a smoother and softer, less visible appearance. This is referred to as a special scar tissue massage done by an expert masseuse, where the region around it will be give special attention to help heal the deeper layers and prevent tissues from sticking together. A post natal massage can also effectively reduce the formation of cellulites, and the development of unattractive, unsightly stretch marks. You will feel beautiful inside and out after a nice post natal massage!

Only the Best for Baby

As a mom, you surely want the best for your baby. A post natal massage in Singapore can help you give the highest quality of life to your child, especially to the fragile newborn! Baby who is the closest to you will feel quite happy too as he or she adapts to your brighter, more relaxed mood. Breastfeeding is enhanced which can lead to a noticeably better milk production, which is definitely what your baby needs for a stronger body. There's nothing more frustrating for a mom than her baby crying, wanting to feed, but her breasts can't produce enough milk for her child! During the massage, your body releases oxytocins and increases the levels of the hormone prolactin, which encourages lactation. You will be delighted when milk generously comes out from the nipples to satisfy your baby's hunger.

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