What Is The Best Types Of Massage?

The massage is a very ancient practice. For several centuries now, societies across the world have been using massage therapy not only as a means of eliciting pleasure and relaxation but a method of remedying certain illnesses.
From rubbing to pressing and manipulating the muscles using one’s hands and fingers, massage therapy is a very wide field, with over eighty different styles practiced around the world.


The majority of people in modern society have experienced a massage at some point in their lifetime; and most such people rarely take into account the types and styles of massages available to them, merely content to enjoy the relaxing experience that often follows. As such, the question of best massage type is often met with surprise, with even those individuals that know the different types of massages unable to really discern or choose between the different options.

+What are the Best Types of Massage?

There is no such thing as the best type of massage. Rather, different styles of massages are effective for different individuals and situations. And it is worth taking into account the rather drastic differences between the various styles of massages.
From styles that favour long and smooth strokes to types that place emphasis on percussive movements and even those options that use oils and lotions, anyone looking for a massage, especially as a means of fighting illnesses and disease, is urged to take their situation into careful consideration, choosing that style that will best suit their needs, some of the best and most prominent massage styles including the following:


If you have every experienced a massage, then it was most likely the Swedish variety. Swedish massages are the most common style around. They typically involve long and sweeping strokes, muscle rolling and kneading (the muscles are worked like dough) as well friction (where the fingertips, thumbs, and even the knuckles are used to apply deep pressure to specific sections of the body). If you are looking for relaxation, possibly even trying to relieve stress, then the Swedish massage is the answer.

Types Of Massage

-Hot Stone

If you are new to the massage arena, then you will appreciate the hot stone style. Here, a skilled masseuse uses hot, smooth stones to massage your body. Considering the fact that you are being caressed by smooth yet scorching hot stones, hot stone massages tend to be quite invigorating. All the heat bearing down upon your back will keep you in the moment where other massage styles might encourage you to drift off. Additionally, the heat from the stones will relieve any tension you might have in your back, allowing the muscles in that area to work more effectively.


Chair massages are more or less what they sound like, that is to say, you sit face forward in a chair while the masseuse in question works on your back, neck and shoulders. What makes chair massages so attractive is their convenience.
You do not have to take your clothes off. Even better (depending on your preferences), there are no oils involved.
Unfortunately, chair massages are not very comprehensive. Do not expect a thorough massage and the fact that chair massages typically take place in public means that some people might find the experience distracting.
If you want to relieve tension in your neck, back and shoulders, though, chair massages are still quite effective.

-Deep Tissue

The deep Tissue massage is almost torturous, especially when it is performed by an inexperienced masseuse. This is because the style requires the masseuse to apply deep pressure, pushing into knotted muscle. Using knuckles and elbows, the masseuse will try to reach down to the bone where possible, which is why deep tissue massages tend to leave patients feeling sore. They are certainly not for everyone. Whereas traditional massages are sufficient for anyone simply looking to relax and relieve stress, deep tissue styles are used by individuals with specific illnesses. Deep tissue styles are interactive. As the recipient of a deep tissue massage, you are encouraged to speak up, informing your masseuse when you need them to either apply more pressure or ease up. Unless you are dealing with aches and pains in your neck and shoulders, deep tissue massages are probably not for you.


As the name suggest, point massage therapy requires the masseuse to pinpoint the specific muscles causing problems, the idea then being to use deep pressure to bring about relaxation. There are a lot of similarities between trigger point and deep tissue massage styles. The primary difference is their focus. Whereas trigger point massage styles are specifically purposed towards manipulating a particular point on the body to relieve pain in the entire area, deep tissue massages utilize traditional techniques to work the body at a deeper level. Trigger point massages are perfect for individuals with chronic muscle pain.

Massage Therphy


Neuromuscular messages can be described as soft tissue manipulation. Their goal is to locate and remedy any underlying causes of chronic pain, especially when it is related to the muscles and the nervous system. There are some similarities between neuromuscular and point massages. Neuromuscular therapy has a tendency to cause pain in the beginning. However, the muscles being targeted eventually relax. Athletes recovering from injuries or who might be dealing with ailments related to poor circulation tend to favour neuromuscular massages. The style can also remedy lower back pain as well as posture problems.


Most massage types are designed to bring about relief and relaxation, leaving the individual feeling better, not only physically but mentally. Shiatsu is one such massage style, only its results are especially potent. Originating from Japan, shiatsu uses finger pressure and gentle stretches to fix imbalances in the flow of energy within one’s body. Used to relieve pain and stress, shiatsu is a unique massage style in that patients stay clothed during the process.
You can use shiatsu to treat back pain and headaches. When applied properly, shiatsu should leave you feeling rejuvenated.


Combining Swedish and shiatsu styles as well as several other techniques, the sports massage is best suited for physically active individuals, emphasizing those areas relevant to an individual’s sport.

Sports massages will bring pain relief, relax the muscles and improve circulation.

There are more massage styles available to the average individual than they know what to do with. If you want to get the best out of your massage, you are encouraged to match the styles available to you with your specific condition and the purpose for which you are seeking the massage.

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