What You Need To Know About This Form Of Massage

A postnatal massage is a form of massage that is given to ladies once they've delivered their newborns. Shortly after you deliver, your birth attendant will most likely massage your abdomen. Basically, this will definitely be uncomfortable, but it’s necessary to ensure your uterus is firm. Be aware that a firm uterus will help in controlling the postpartum bleeding. Your attendant will massage your abdomen once every 40 minutes or so for the next five hours. If necessary, he/she can show you how it’s done. 


The Benefits of Postnatal Massage

Women often go through marvelous changes during pregnancy, both emotionally and physically, sometimes the physical changes can become overwhelming most especially during the last or first trimester. However, the strains and pressures may likely continue even after childbirth. Interestingly, research has proved that physical therapy or physiotherapy is beneficial in the relief of skeletal and muscular pains, the prevention of urinal inconvenience as well as the strengthening of the patient’s body. Generally, a physiotherapy massage can include a postnatal massage and professional advice on health care. 


Benefits of a Postnatal Massage 

*Reliving Pelvic Pains, Neck Pains and Back Pains:-

Carrying the weight of a baby for nine months is definitely not an easy task. A lot of pregnant ladies normally complain that they frequently experience neck pains, pelvic pains as well as back pains. This massage therefore comes in handy since it can hassle free relieve such kinds of pains. 


*Getting rid of Urinary Leakage Problem:-

Urinary leakage is another common issue that women suffer from once they’ve given birth. Your physiotherapist will guide you on how a postnatal massage can be used to treat this concern. 


*Developing Muscle Strength:-

Postnatal massage is great for developing endurance that is essential most especially if a woman has had a normal delivery. In addition, ladies are usually eager to get back in shape and lose the extra pounds they may have gained while pregnant. This calls the need of a post natal massage since it can help them achieve fitness effectively and efficiently. 



This type of massage is also necessary since it assists women become stress free once they’ve given birth. Note that stress can tamper with the nutrients found in milk, which are supposed to be sucked by the baby. However, postnatal massage will effectively hasten the reduction of fluid retention and therefore the baby will end up getting the right proportion of nutrients in his/her body. 


*Shrinking the Uterus:-

After giving birth, a woman’s uterus usually enlarges and this can cause discomforts not only to the mother but also to the baby as well. The massage can however help the uterus shrink to its original size.


*Reducing Cellulite:-

The massage will not only assist you in reducing cellulite but it will also contribute to toning your body. Don’t you think that a postnatal massage is indeed necessary for new mothers? It’s recommended that whoever is carrying out the massage is qualified in order to avoid making the mother’s body have unnecessary complications. Therefore, if you cannot do the massage by yourself, ensure that you conduct a thorough research in Singapore so that you can get a person who is qualified to offer this kind of massage. 

Post Natal Massage

Post natal Massage: Tips on How to Massage your Uterus After Birth

After birth, here are the tips you should put into consideration when massaging your uterus;


Tip#1: Ensuring that your Bladder is Empty:-

First and foremost, it is important that your bladder is empty if you want to make the entire massaging process successfully. Generally, if your bladder is full, it can end up pushing your uterus off to the side, and this may make the uterus stay a bit higher and in the long run cause more bleeding. 


Tip#2: Pressing your Abdomen:-

Lie flat on flat surface with your back and carefully press on your abdomen from the place whereby your belly button is. 


Tip#3: Cupping your Hand:-

To massage the uterus properly, you’ll be required to cup the hand you’re using slightly and move it in circular motions over your lower abdomen till you feel the uterus contract. Basically, when the uterus contract, it’ll mean that it is very firm. Be aware that you will likely experience some pain in your uterus when rubbing it, but you’ll not have any choice if you want the bleeding you’ll experience after you’ve given birth to stop. It is advisable that if you cannot locate your uterus or if you’re unsure if it is really firm, you seek for the assistance of your birth attendant. 


How Post Natal Massage Tighten the Stomach Skin After Birth

During pregnancy, the stomach skin is often significantly stretched so that it can accommodate the size of the growing belly. After delivery, some ladies are likely to experience some degree of loose skin. This skin will over time tighten somewhat, thereby returning to its pre- pregnancy form to some degree. However, after repeated pregnancies, it may become harder to tighten the loose stomach skin. Thankfully, a postnatal massage can help you out in this. A post natal massage will increase the circulation of your blood and thus your skin will become more nourished. It is recommended that you use firm circular motions to rub the stomach daily for at least three minutes so that the massage can be effective. 


Other Activities that Goes Handy with a Post Natal Massage


*Applying Collagen Creams/Lotions to your Stomach:-

Collagen is a special protein chemical found in most Singapore shops, and it aids in tissue and skin cell regeneration. If used regularly, it’ll assist in restoring stretched and loose skin. You can easily find creams and lotions which contain collagen in most cosmetic and beauty supply stores in Singapore. 


*Carrying out Cardiovascular Workouts Daily:-

Exercising daily will increase circulation, allowing nutrients and blood to more readily reach your skin. The essential nutrients will eventually aid the overall health of the skin and thus will contribute to firming and tightening it. Aim for at least 10 minutes of brisk walking, cycling, swimming, jogging or the other vigorous workouts daily. 


Last, but not least, it is recommended that before mixing a post natal massage with any other form of activity, you seek for the advice of a qualified expert in Singapore so that you can be guided accordingly. Thank you.


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