When Can I Arrange Massage Service For My Newborn?

Massage services are no longer something enjoyed only be the very rich and privileged. Massage services are becoming one of the most demanded due to the benefits associated with massage. Massage is not only a need for the adults but also a growing need for the newborn massage services offer tons of benefits to the newborn. There are many different reasons that babies should get massage. The most common reason for adults to get massage is the fact that it helps relieve stress and different kinds of pain. The working of the muscles forces the body to relax. Today the people who prefer massage for stress and pain relief have increased; baby massage services has also become popular due to the same benefits adults enjoy plus more.

Massage Service For My Newborn

For years, baby massage has been used by different cultures routinely in baby care. By massaging your baby, you learn to respond to their body language and get to know them better. Massage is beneficial for baby, making them feel safe and secure, in the knowledge that they are loved and care for them. A health care professional or your midwife, or a therapist in baby massage can educate you and give you guidance on how to massage your child properly and safely. A ten-minute massage, 2 or 3 times on a weekly basis, is all that is needed to develop and strengthen the parent-baby bonding. Your baby will love and enjoy it, and it will alleviate a lot of baby ailments at the same time.

When can I arrange massage service for my newborn?

Most experts recommendations are you wait for about two weeks before you start the newborn massage, this allows for the baby's umbilical stump to dry and fall off. It is ideal to arrange for baby massage to get expert advice on how to do it. Learning the process of massaging your baby is essential as it will increase the effectiveness and help you learn more about your baby.

What you need to know about baby massage

The Best Time

Remember that the whole purpose of the newborn massage is therapeutic. It is to relax and comfort both parent and baby. It creates a bond between both. If you as the parent are in a hurry or under stress, you can bet the baby is going to feel this through your movements. In these circumstances they baby will derive no pleasure from it. It's also important that the massage is carried out in the proper surroundings and conditions. If you are not able to perform the massage in a comfortable place, then it will be difficult for both you and the baby to benefit from it. The other thing to consider is if it's noisy or in the presence of other kids particularly the baby will be distracted.

Massage Service For My Newborn

The Best Methods

Like adults, babies have their moods as well. Some days they just don't feel like doing something, this includes massage. For whatever reason, at times the baby may just not respond to the massage. Find a position that offers comfort for both you and baby. You will soon discover that the baby will let you know if he/she is not happy with the position. Some babies prefer a very light touch while others prefer to be rubbed a bit firmer but still gentle of course. Be sure that the room is comfortably warm as the baby will have no clothes on. Many parents that perform a baby massage like to start off with a relaxation touch. This calms the baby and prepares him for the rest of the massage.

Babies will adapt to the routine of massage very quickly. Once you become familiar and comfortable newborn massage, then you will also learn that talking to your baby through the course of it is very important. It cues the baby into what is taking place. Some people think this is silly that babies don't understand words yet. If you are interested as to just how much babies understand, take a look at their reactions when they hear the voice of their parents, after being away from them for a few moments. The tone of voice is just as important as what you are saying. There is quite an art to baby massage. Not meaning that it is difficult to learn, but many people are surprised to learn that it's far more than just lightly spreading oil over the baby's body. There are many techniques that can be incorporated.

Most Important Is the Quality Time

Once again you shouldn't stress yourself out about not doing the right techniques or worry that you aren't getting the results that you should be. If you become jittery or frustrated then not only will it become unpleasant for the baby but for you as well. There are classes that you can take to learn the techniques that you would be able to use. Or if there are not available in your area there are some excellent books available on the subject. Ideally, if both parents were to participate in this, it makes for an ideal situation for the baby.

Massage Service For My Newborn

Benefits of baby massages

The benefits includes

1. The baby sleeps better.
2. Helps the baby to develop mentally, socially and physically.
3. Enables the baby to stay relaxed and not get upset
4. The baby cries less.

Children benefit enormously from massage. Baby massage seems to offer a practical solution to problems with crying, sleeping, feeding and behaviour. Through massaging their babies, first-time parents can gain confidence in handling them. Parents who used massage to soothe and calm their babies reported their children seemed happier, calmer, cried less and slept better. In the case of mothers suffering from postnatal depression, there is growing research evidence that infant baby massage helps to establish the relationship between them and their babies.

There are many great books and guides for a mother looking to learn baby massage and even baby massage courses run in many areas. It is worth to remember, however, that apart from a few safety essentials, there is no right or wrong way to massage your child. It is more about being together and enjoying the physical and emotional closeness of mother and baby.

Make sure the room is warm enough, and the atmosphere is warm and relaxed. Note, if you are feeling stressed or anxious, your baby will pick up on this, so best to leave the massage for another time. There are no hard and fast rules regarding the best time to massage your baby, but many mothers enjoy massaging their baby's after bath time. While massaging try and find a position where you can keep your back straight at all times.

The main safety essentials are to make sure you remove any ornaments that may damage babies sensitive skin also ensure fingernails are trimmed.

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