When Should You Get A Body Massage?

Massage is defined as the manipulation of body muscles and tissues with the aim of relieving pressure and tension, enhancing healing and recovery and improving blood circulation. It involves the application of manual pressure or mechanical pressure on body tissues, joints, ligaments, the skin and muscles with the aim of realigning and relaxing them. Body Massage can be done by use of massage devices or manually either at home or in massage parlours. The right times to get a body massage include are the following:

When Should You Get A Body Massage?

When you want to relax

The human body often gets tired and worn out due to the many activities which people engage in on a daily basis. It is important to get a body massage anytime you feel like your body is completely worn out. This will help in stimulating and realigning body tissues which will help in enhancing blood circulation within the body. This kind of massage also helps in relieving stress from body tissues and relaxing body joints. The massage also helps in eliminating any sort of pain from the body. This kind of massage can be repeated after a period of every three months.

If you want to relieve stress

When body muscles become tight they normally affect the effective circulation of blood within the body which eventually leads to stress formation within the body tissues. Insufficient and ineffective blood flow is one major cause of stress, migraines and strains. Muscle tightening can be as a result of prolonged standing of sitting postures especially when working. Stress can also be caused by life problems like work related troubles, family trouble, relationship troubles and finance trouble. If you feel that the stress has become so much it is important to get a body massage to relieve the stress from the body. It is important to get this kind of massage at least once or twice a month depending on the level of stress.

Chronic pain management

At times your body might develop some chronic pain as a result of overworking or sickness. When such pain cannot be managed by taking pain killers then a body massage will be the perfect solution. Chronic pain can bring you down if it is not managed properly and in time. A body massage can be used to control and reduce pain from the back, the neck, the shoulders, the hips and the even the head. This kind of massage can be repeated twice a week for a period of three months until the pain subdues. This kind of massage is a gradual massage process which takes time.

Body Massage

Post surgery recovery

After undergoing a surgery, it is normal for a scar tissue to develop around the area which was operated. This normally happens to those who undergo corrective surgery procedures. Massage is one way which can easily be used to remove such scars. This can be done from between two to four months after the surgery depending on the size of the scar tissue.


People recovering from injuries can also apply massage as a recovery mechanism. This is mostly used by athletes who are nursing injuries or those recovering from last season’s vigorous field activities. Body massage enhances recovery and prevents the escalation of injuries on the body. This kind of massage therapy can be offered by a sport's therapist.

Body massage has the following advantages to the body. It helps in reducing or subduing body pain by relaxing body joints, muscles and ligaments. It relives tension and stress from the body which leaves the body healthy. Massage enhances the mobility of body joints by relaxing them and aligning them properly. It helps in improving and enhancing Improving blood circulation within the body by opening up blood vessels. It also enhances and improves the lymphatic functions of the body by increasing the levels of lymphatic drainage. Massage helps in reducing anxiety and stress from the body. It makes the body alert by relaxing it.

The best massage services can only be offered by professional massage therapists who can offer home based massage therapies or office based therapies. It is advisable to only get massage services from licensed and qualified therapists because that guarantees you quality and fulfilling services.
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