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Childbirth, while a blessing in itself, will often leave the mother feeling strained and weakened. Such experiences may make it difficult to effectively take care of your baby and activities like breastfeeding can be quite overwhelming if a lot of tension in the muscles is not relieved. This is why there are many maalishwalis/japas that specialize in providing post natal massage to mothers and their babies.

In sophisticated regions like Singapore, finding such services should not be an overwhelming especially since businesses that offer them exist in abundance. However, not all massages will have the desired relaxation and experience. It is therefore important to take keen consideration before choosing any such service. Fortunately, there are various hallmarking attributes that can help you land the most reliable post natal massage. We specialize in offering these services to moms and their newborns.


Why use post natal massage?

The reasons for contracting massage services are quite obvious and straightforward. The pregnancy duration is in itself burdening and mothers often feel the distress as they move close to birth. After birth, the mother will feel exhausted with tension concentrated on their abdomen, hip and lower backs. Post natal massage is a specialty massage offered to relax the muscles of new moms and help them feel comfortable to perform routine tasks. This type of massage is often provided on a day-to-day basis for the first 40 days after birth. The maalishwali may visit your home everyday for the 40 days or even move in with you for the same period. Some of the benefits of a post natal massage include the following;

• Soothing sores and tension –

As aforementioned, the entire process of childbirth is quite straining on the abdomen, hips and back. Massage is tailored to sooth the sores caused by birth through relaxing tension in the muscles. When this tension is not released, performing normal errands and routines including breastfeeding may cause incredible pain and even more tension all over the body. Post natal massage professionals perform whole body massage starting from the leg up to the head ensuring all tension is released and relaxation is achieved.

• Increased blood flow –

Massage does not only sooth sores and relax muscles but also promote blood flow and transportation of oxygen to all body muscles. Massage also helps to get rid of toxins and keep the mother healthy to bring up their child.

• Happiness and relaxation –

Full body massage is known to lead to increased release of endorphins which in turn provide maximum relaxation and a “feel good” emotion. The endorphins and hormones released in the brain are known natural pain killers and mood changers. They cause the mum to feel happier and healthier.

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• Increased milk flow –

The body normally releases oxytocin which triggers letdown flow of milk. The massage may cause breast milk to leak since it loosens clumps and hardened areas while opening up blocked ducts and reducing the risk of mastitis. After the massage, the mum will be able to breastfeed their babies without feeling any pain.

• Speeded recovery –

If you have undergone a cesarean, the wound should not be touched prior to full healing. However, light massage can help speed up internal healing and recovery from the strength-draining childbirth process. Massage also helps the mum adapt to her new relieved condition when the baby is finally out the body.

• Improved health –

Massage will improve body immunity by normalizing body functions and ensuring even distribution of nutrients to all muscles. What’s more, it increases lymph flow and has been proven to be a stress buster. It will help the mom cope with child blues and elevate your moods. Moreover, such relaxation will prompt an unwinding that leads to quality naps which is essential for both the baby and mother.

There are many other minor advantages of a post natal massage. We thrive in providing specialized massage to ensure new mothers receive the much needed and deserved relaxation.

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Why choose our services

We are an outcall post natal massage company that provides skilled japas to assist nursing mothers and newborns achieve maximum relaxation and stress relief. We run a 24 hour business and can be contracted at any time of the day or night. When looking for such massage services, there are a few considerations to guide your choice. While some new businesses are capable of providing high quality services, it is often recommended to find long-serving practitioners. This is because such professionals have profound knowledge and skills acquired from experience. They also probably have streamlined service delivery frameworks that have been perfected over time. Some of the things to consider when choosing a post natal massage company include the following;

• Reputation –

This is an important aspect of any service. Companies that have proved to be dependable through offering reliable massage services will definitely have a good reputation within the area. You can always look up expert reviews and comments from previous clients to gauge the level of quality you are likely to receive from that particular company.

• Convenience –

Since massages basically break into your routine and may lead to a nap, it is important to carefully plan your schedule and find the best time within your activities. The massage will likely take up to 40 days. We offer convenient schedules with the help of our clients to ensure we find the best time for their massage. Our outcall services mean you do not have to visit the premises. We will send experienced professionals to your convenient location.

Other considerations include competitive affordability, customer services and auxiliary support services needed to facilitate successful massage. If you have any skin problem such as rushes or medical complications that may make massage risky, it is important to communicate this information. It will be used to take precautionary measures that prevent any complications and risks.


Post natal massage is important for new mothers and their babies. It is advisable to have this type of massage at home as it makes things more convenient. New mothers have a lot to deal with ranging from 2am breastfeeding and child massage to taking care of routine tasks such as laundry and preparing meals for the infant. We aim at providing high quality massage at convenient schedules and affordable prices. Call us any time and speak to one of our customer support personnel for any inquiries and assistance on how to contract our services.

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