Pros & Cons On Using Outcall Massage

Singapore is very popular for its massage services. There are a couple of popular training centers in the country where people go for learning the best massage techniques. Qualified massage specialists from Singapore are given respect and honor in every part of the world. 

Basically there are two different types of massage. The first being incall massage while the other one is outcall massage. Most people are unclear about the difference between these two types, and can’t decide which one they require. Outcall massage or home massage is a type of massage that is given at the client’s desired place, whether it’s a house or hotel. On the other hand, an incall massage is the one in which a client personally comes to the massage center for getting their services. Both massage types have their own pros and cons. The final decision depends all about the choice of the client.

Pros And Cons On Using Outcall Massage

Pros of Outcall Massage

Pros of getting an outcall massage are as follows.

While getting soothing home massage service you are present in your familiar, more preferable surroundings. Many people don’t feel comfortable in taking off their clothes in an unknown environment, or they start feeling homesick every time they go outside for a few hours. Home massage is perfect for people that don’t want to leave their own premises, but still want a soothing massage. 

You can stay close to and monitor persons and conditions that need your attention all the time, while enjoying a great massage. Family people, especially females need to take care of their children and elderly members of the family at all times. Being inside the house is usually enough to keep children alert, and away from all mischief. Emergency conditions can also be addressed instantly. Females can ask for female massage therapists to ensure safety.

If you are new in town, you won’t have to spend hours in searching for the exact location of the desired massage center. Purchasing a car in Singapore is not everyone’s cup of tea, and locating the exact location of a massage center is difficult without personal conveyance. Buses travel on specific routes, and are of no good use when you have to move back and forth to find a location. You may have to travel a lot on foot to find the therapist. 

You can enjoy all the types of massages you can get at the therapist’s location. A specialist therapist is capable of giving all types of home massage. Still, it is better to inform the therapist about the services you require on the phone. The therapist will bring particular oils and tools to your place for giving the special massage you need.

The extra amount paid for getting home massage is usually equivalent to the cost of fuel you spend for reaching the massage center and some other factors. In case you are a family woman, and need an adult at your home all the time, you will have to hire a baby sitter for taking care of your kids while you are out for the massage. Baby sitters are not cheap, and the overall money saving is possible by asking for a home massage service.

Cons of Outcall Massage

There are a few cons of outcall massage too. 

The therapist can control intensity of lights, music volume and room temperature to further enhance relaxation, which is often difficult to do at home.

Outcall massage services are usually given to trusted clients, or ones that have been recommended to the therapist by someone. Therapists, especially female therapists usually think over and over again before going to an unknown client for giving massage. 

There are no ringing cell phones, loud music or TV at the massage center giving you a peaceful environment. In case you have got young kids, it is difficult to get control over these things while being at home. 


Finally the choice of outcall or incall massage depends upon your personal needs. In case you are not bothered with the above mentioned cons, or you can easily control them, then outcall massage is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you cannot afford outcall massage, but badly need a massage, you should visit the therapist to get a soothing massage. You can get an appointment for yourself at the time that suits you the most. 

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