Can Elder People Do Foot Massage?

Almost everyone aspires to get his or her feet pampered at one point. It not only helps to relax the muscles of the body, but also improves blood supply to various tissues of the body. Today, various companies are coming up to help individuals relax their bodies by allowing them fully indulge their senses. Some are creative enough to play selected soundtracks of different genres to provide the most soothing environment for their clients and help them unwind, relax, rest, and recharge. It certainly suits those who have had a rough day at work, strenuous exercises at the gym, or maybe those preparing for a major challenge such as an upcoming race or tournament.

Can Elder People Do Foot Massage?

Whether you are staying in the East, West, North, or South of Singapore, you may need a place to alleviate your sore feet or just restore your body’s well-being. Foot massage is ideal especially for older people as their bones, muscles, and joints are getting weaker by the day. It not only takes care of their physical well-being, but also mental and spiritual. There are plenty of books available in the market, trying to highlight the benefits of foot massage, especially for older people.

For centuries, many cultures have practiced foot massage to promote health and the general well-being. In the modern world today, massage is practiced widely as it complements pain-relieving drugs and is considered an alternative medicine. Millions use it to boost the general health, rehabilitate injuries, and reduce stress and anxiety, besides relieving pain.

A common practice known as foot reflexology massage, often practiced by many, involves applying some amount of pressure to specific points of the foot to create effects on various parts of the body. Therefore, whether you create time for a self-massage, or book an appointment with a qualified reflexologist, it is not only your feet that will profit from the exercise; various parts of your body will also reap the benefits.

To alleviate anxiety and create a deeper sense of relaxation, massaging your feet is perhaps the best way to go. For instance, the solar plexus – an important point located on both feet – is a little warehouse in your body storing all your stress. However, when the solar plexus is pressed on, the act releases stress, creating a renewed body.

Blood, which circulates through the body, is responsible for transportation of oxygen and nutrition to various cells of the body. It is also responsible for cleansing and eliminating wastes and other forms of toxins from the body. However, with the presence of stress, the flow of blood becomes limited. Therefore, prompting the need for a foot massage, which reduces stress and allows blood circulation to flow unimpeded.

Through a process known as homeostasis, the systems of the body work in harmony with one another to ensure a state of balance. To obtain good health, a relaxing foot massage can be used to encourage homeostasis. Besides, it is restorative, giving the receiver energy when the foot is palpated. It is also very effective in releasing any form of blockages that may be holding back energy that should otherwise be flowing freely throughout the body.

Chinese medicine would attest that most sensory nerves of the internal organs are found in the feet. As a result, qualified reflexologists will use the feet as a detailed roadmap to the body to treat various body ailments using foot massage and applying pressure on meridian points representing specific organs of the body. 

Apart from relaxation and healing, stimulation of reflexes through foot massage offers protection against several diseases commonly caused by stress. Moreover, it can set the pace for a romantic evening when offered by your partner. Rubbing the feet is not only sensual and relaxing, but also nurturing and a great way to show your partner you are sensitive, loving, and caring. This unique, relaxing procedure leaves the body and its leg muscles in tone. 

The concentration of points in the foot relates to the spine; therefore, stimulation of these points can bring about alleviation of pain in the back and generally ease the body. As an elder Singapore resident, it is advisable to visit a foot massage professional with experience in handling older people to experience modern reflexology for a thorough foot massage to stimulate the feet in a way that will be of great benefit to the whole body and mind.

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