6 Myths On Foot Massage

Feet are the most important part of human body which carries your body weight throughout your life but people normally do not care for them very much. Proper working of both the feet is necessary for everyone for their day to day routine works which involve walking and running to accomplish them. Foot massage is used as a therapeutic treatment in Singapore since long to relieve pains. Some people find it as one of the effective ways not only for comforting their feet but also their whole physical health in general. But there are many misconceptions about the benefits of foot massage which are being discussed in brief hereunder for your knowledge.

6 Myths On Foot Massage

Types of foot massage
Thai and Chinese foot massage are the two main types normally used for relaxing your muscles. Chinese type of massage on foot involves putting pressure on the reflex points of the foot alongwith rubbing the foot with hands. They work on the principle that pressurizing the reflex points helps in releasing the blockage in blood circulation which again helps in reducing pain and illness of various parts of your body. Thai foot massage, on the other hand, is just similar to Chinese massage but the difference is that they use stick instead of hand to pressurize the reflex points on foot. They find the stick more effective than pressurizing them with hand. Some people only rub their feet strongly with hands, using their thumb and fist of their hands, to stimulate the blood circulation in them.

Benefits of foot massage
Foot massage has a number of benefits including improvement in blood circulation. Improved flow of blood and lymph system also helps in carrying out toxins and wastes from your body and reducing your blood pressure. Most of the people find foot massage as a relaxing treatment as it releases their stresses and improves their general health.

Myths on foot massage
Though foot massage is considered as an easy and effective way of treating a number of problems in your body but there also exist a number of myths regarding it.

Myth one: foot massage is an inexpensive way of treatment.
Foot massage can be an inexpensive treatment if you know the proper way to do it. Massaging any part of body needs the knowledge of proper technique and experience otherwise instead of benefiting you it may harm you considerably. The services of experienced and qualified foot massage therapists are not affordable for everyone.

Myth two: reflexology is an effective way of foot massage.
Reflexology, in fact, is not a massage but pressurizing the reflex points on the foot. Massage on any part of body involves smooth and strong rubbing but reflexology involves over pressurizing the foot at various points. It may involve various risks like contractions in female as it stimulates their reproductive organs. While providing foot massage to a pregnant woman you will have to be careful on its certain points to avoid any problem.

Myth three: Foot massage is beneficial for your whole body.
Though foot massage helps in regulating the blood circulation by releasing blockades in the veins but the affect of this on your whole body is not so noticeable that you can feel it considerably. Its affect can be felt near or around your foot instead of on the whole body.

Myth four: Soreness means good foot massage.
Soreness on the massaged points on your foot can not be termed as a parameter to judge the quality of massage. It may cause due to irregular massages or points are deeply pressurized by the therapist. It may be healed gradually if you continue foot massage regularly. 

Myth five: Foot massage is not suitable for pregnant women.
Foot massage is also beneficial for pregnant women if it is given carefully. You will have to engage an experienced and professional massaging expert for this purpose as some of the points on their foot has to cared specifically to avoid problems in their pregnancy.

Myth six: Foot massage is easily available all over the world.
Foot massage services are available in the major cities all over the world but in smaller towns and cities they are not only rarely available but also costly to afford. 

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