FAQ on Massage

Do you evaluate customer's health condition? Our therapist may perform some assessments or tests to evaluate your health condition. You should tell your therapist when you have any types of health problems, such as allergies.

Should I be completely undressed?

This is another common question that comes from our customers. It is very unusual for our clients to undress during the massage session. Most of them still use underwear when they are massaged by our professional therapists. Our therapists can also stop the session immediately when the session turns sexual for all clients. You can enjoy our clean and traditional massage from our professional therapists.

Can I cover myself with towel?

When you get massaged, your body will be covered with towel. Our therapists only open the areas that are going to be massaged. You do not have to worry about exposing your genital areas. You can also tell the therapist when you want to use towel to cover some parts of your body. The therapists are not allowed to open the towel without having your permission.

FAQ On Massage

What should I do during massage treatment?

It is important that you make yourself feel comfortable. Change your position anytime when you do not feel comfortable. Our therapists can also help you find the right position for yourself, so you can feel comfortable during the massage session. You can ask any questions to our therapists at anytime you want. You should find the best position to relax and feel comfortable during the session.

How long will the massage treatment last?

Most of our massage treatments last for about one hour. If you want to have full body massage treatment, you should take about one hour massage session. When you take the half-hour session, you may only have a partial massage session, such as shoulder, neck, back or legs. Our clients usually choose 60 or 90 minute sessions for getting optimal relaxation treatment.

Will the massage session hurt my body?

It really depends on the type of massage session that you choose. Relaxing and light massage should not hurt your body and your muscle. If you want to feel our deep tissue massage session, you may feel some tension on your muscle during the session. You should tell our therapists when you feel that the massage session hurts your body.

How often should I have a massage?

This is another common question that our clients usually have. The answer really depends on everyone's condition. Different people may require different massage intensity. It varies from one person to another person. If you want to have some relaxation treatments, you should have a session in every 3-6 weeks. You may also want to address some specific conditions or health problems. You can go more frequently for this condition.

Should I see male therapist when I want to have deep massage?

It is not necessary that you choose our male therapist when you want to have deep massage. Our female therapist can also help you massage your body with deep massage session. All of our therapists are professionally trained to give any types of massages, including deep massage. You can also tell our therapists when you want to have lighter or deeper pressure on your massage session.

Can I talk during the massage session?

Yes, of course, you can talk during the massage session. However, you should know that the main important thing to know is about relaxing. You should relax and enjoy your time during our massage session. You should let your mind enter the state of massage bliss. Some people may feel more relaxed when they enter quiet state of relaxation. You can tell your therapists about anything that you want regarding the massage session.

Will I have to listen to flutes or whale calls during the massage?

Our place has a lot of types of songs. You can choose the right types of songs based on your preferences. Slow music is believed to be very effective to provide relaxing and calming effect on your body. Therefore, it may improve your massaging experience.

How can I feel after the treatment?

Most of our clients feel very relaxed after the massage treatment. Some of them may also feel significant decrease of pains or aches. You may also improve your energy, awareness, and productivity that can last for several days. In most cases, you may feel comfortable and relaxed after being massaged by our professional therapists. Do not forget to drink enough water after the massage session. This is very useful to help your body hydrated well.

How many sessions should I get?

It is really up to you to determine how many sessions that you should have. Different people may require different amount of sessions. It is really unique to each individual. You may take only one session or several massage sessions. You can discuss with our professional therapists about this condition. They will be very happy to help you decide how many sessions that you require in the future to achieve your health goals.

When should I avoid a massage?

There are several conditions when you should avoid to be massaged. You should not have a massage when you have a fever, skin infection, cold, or flu. These health problems can be worsen when you have massage session. There are many other conditions that you should be careful when taking any massage sessions, such as osteoporosis, arthritis, burn, cuts, and many other health problems. You should also avoid a massage during pregnancy. If you have cancer, you should also avoid a massage session.

What happens if I get erection during massage session?

It is pretty normal for men to have erection during the massage session. There is no exact reason to be embarassesd. This situation can be caused by the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system during the massage session. It may result in partial or complete erection. Our therapists are professional enough to understand about this situation. However, they may stop the session immediately when they feel uncomfortable with the situation.
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